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Specialised solutions for analysing, extracting and processing data to visualise and generate results efficiently. 


Specialised knowledge management solutions ranging from storage to bibliographic management to collaborative writing

Chemistry / Biology
Global solutions for laboratory digitalization, management, analysis and intelligent data communication for chemists and biologists

Software designed for software designers, engineers and IT teams, to optimize and accelerate all your activities.

What is our added value in software distribution?
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A privileged relationship
with software publishers

Selection and integration of innovative and sustainable software oriented towards the world of digital transition.

Teams trained on the software, but above all to listen to you, to analyze and understand your needs.

Consulting and coaching in choosing the software and type of license that meets your requirements

A focus on emerging solutions

Constant monitoring and expertise work to evolve our catalog with innovative solutions that make your daily life easier.

Development on the digital transition of laboratories with GDPR compliant on premises, Saas or Cloud solutions (laboratory notebooks, inventories…)


On-site installation: the guarantee of an efficient launch and roll-out,

Takeover of existing system: the assurance of continuity and a smooth transition,

Long-term coaching: customized workshops or additional services.



NVivo is the qualitative data analysis software designed to provide you with a workspace where you can organize, visualize, and analyze your unstructured and qualitative data.

NVivo manages multiple data sources and formats such as interviews, survey results, images, audio or video interviews, newspaper articles, web page content and social networks.



From the management of stocks to the progress of your experiments, FindMolecule is the ideal tool to accompany you in the digitalization of your laboratory activities.

Record your experiments, manage your databases and inventories, and countersign your findings in accordance with current standards.

Technical support

We provide first level technical support when you purchase our software. This service includes help with the installation of your software and any related add-ins and the activation of your license.

It is exclusively reserved for customers who have purchased the software directly from RITME.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, we do not provide support for the use of the software, but we do offer training courses.

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NVivo est plus qu’un simple logiciel d’analyse qualitative de données, c’est un outil essentiel pour la planification, la coordination d’équipes, la révision d’articles, la conception de la recherche, l’analyse de données et l’écriture de rapports.
Chris Atchison
Département de sociologie et d'anthropologie – Université Simon Fraser