An agile and inclusive methodology

Project mode

We embrace your needs as a global project and not only as a need for software. This specificity drives us to offer a structured, holistic and agile approach when implementing new tools, processes and skills in your research environment.

Project management



Bringing onboard all players within your organization is key to make your project a success. We sustain a genuine collaboration on all aspects throughout the different steps of the project:

  • Field Application specialists, so that the needs of each Unit & profession are studied and taken into account.
  • End Users, who need to be listened to and guided to embrace the project
  • ICT, to integrate properly the solutions with your existing systems and infrastructure.
  • Purchasing, with whom to contract the agreements validated by the project sponsors and managers.

Design Thinking

We naturally identify to Design Thinking, a collection of human-centered techniques to solve problems, focused on user’s observation and understanding of the project and its stakes. This approach facilitates coordination, collaboration and co-construction in a virtuous and inclusive way.  

The challenge of a successful transition is to involve all the players in the adventure, from the very beginning of the project to its implementation and beyond.

Agile Method

Planning every tiny step and detail of a project seems to prevent risks. Bumps always happen on the road. Project evolve, unforeseen challenges emerge and unfold along the way. This can generate bottlenecks, critical delays, over expenses and lead to frustration.   

In order to overcome such tidious situations, we’ve discovered that calling collective resources and flexibility is very effective  : the Agile method (Scrum) allows us to make do, for this method nurtures resilience and facilitates closing.