Our mission : supporting research through training

Our training center was born in 1995 from a striking observation : purchasing a software to do your research is one thing, mastering the knowledge and logics behind it is another.

We have gradually built a catalog of training courses by unearthing rare skills from the scientific community, surrounding ourselves with the sharpest minds. Our mission then : to allow any new user to be swiftly operational on our software, but also to acquire basic methodological skills, or get advanced knowledge related to specific disciplines (statistics, modeling, Design of Experiment..)

In 2014, Ritme Academy expanded to include a wide range of training courses around scientific and technical communication, to meet a growing demand from our community of learners.

We have continued by embracing the potential offered by the development of Open Source technologies: R, Python, and Machine Learning are now firmly anchored in the Ritme Academy culture and supporting our clients’ specific businesses.

A sustained effort of scientific, pedagogical and technical monitoring, carried out in close collaboration with our partners, trainers and users, allows us to offer ever more avant-garde formats and content: digital learning platform (LMS) , new themes and topics, formats that better meet evolving needs.

Today, Ritme trains more than 800 people each year and draws the best of the essential skills in your business from 30 international experts. Our catalog includes about sixty different programs, constantly adjusted and refined to meet the specific needs of each training project.

Ritme Academy, in a nutshell :

Training to sustain excellence

  • A in-depth understanding of your businesses and your challenges
  • A valuable network of expert trainers, you can take a glimpse at here
  • A constant scientific watch
  • A proven excellence 
  • Sophisticated and modern tools, including our digital learning platform (LMS)
  • A unique support with a dedicated pedagogical team

Training on rare skills and knowledge

  • Software training courses of all levels focused on your research problems
  • Supporting knowledge to embrace new Open Source technologies (R, Python)
  • Workshops fo improved communication and writing skills for scientific publishing
  • Training courses in statistical methods and applications
  • Consulting dedicated to the transformation of laboratories (processes & field application )

Tailor-made projects

1 Identifying needs

2 Interviewing

3 Defining technical and pedagogical resources and means

6 Follow-up

5 Assessment

4 Sessions

Discover in details how we can support you, step by step, in your training projects:

Tailor-made courses

We start from your challenges and define together the means, methods and learning modalities that suit you.

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Our training catalog

Discover our training courses dedicated to software, Open Source technologies, statistical methods and more.

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Agenda for public attendance

Discover the next sessions planned in our training centers or online.

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