RITME supports dozens of leading software vendors by bringing their solutions to scientific research community. American, Australian, Canadian, German or French, Careful sourcing is tantamount to a fruitful relationship between Editors and us, and brings value to our customers.

Our long experience, the knowledge we have of our own markets, not to mention the expertise and the support we provide to end users in their mothertongue contribute to the success of the solutions we support. Our partnerships are sustainable. Some of them date back to the very creation of RITME. This confirms the strength and efficiency of such a system.

Our partners

Our partners are software companies that wish to call upon our expertise in the sale, deployment, training and support of their solutions, in order to serve, nourish and grow their user community.

Though their size or domain of expertise vary, they all address scientific ecosystems and provide software solutions dedicated to:

  • data analysis and processing,
  • inventory management
  • electronic laboratory notebooks
  • engineering and optimization of industrial processes
  • publishing and document management solutions

They are all at the heart of the digital transformation of laboratories and research teams.

How to become a partner

Why have many software companies chosen to work with RITME?

  • For the richness of its customer dabase: international, nurtured over three decades, covering the public and private sectors, all research sectors and a wide range of stakeholders
  • For the diversity of its offer: we always onboard new software able to generate synergy effects with existing solutions. Our cross-selling ability and will to strenghten a consistent range of products is a solid leverage for sustained growth that is hightly appreciated by our partners.
  • For RITME is entrusted by its customers: they acknowledge three core values as central to them – Trust, Expertise and Sustainability. This is the result of the latest survey conducted at the end of 2020.

RITME is a true partner for publishers with whom to build mutual development and long-term strategies.

Are you looking to expand in Europe? Do not hesitate to join us.