With NVivo, use the most powerful qualitative analysis software

NVivo is the qualitative data analysis software designed to provide a workspace and think tank where you can organize, visualize and analyze your unstructured and qualitative data.
NVivo handles multiple data sources and formats such as interviews, survey results, images, audio or video interviews, newspaper articles, web page content and social networks.
With NVivo you will be able to deepen your content analysis (coding, queries, visualization) and identify links between your different sources (differences, similarities, connections).

5 good reasons to use this software

  • Reference for unstructured and qualitative data analysis
  • Multiple data sources and formats in a single project
  • Coding, queries and visualization
  • Emergence of links and patterns of meaning in your sources
  • Automatic classification

NVivo is more than just a qualitative data analysis software, it is an essential tool for planning, team coordination, article review, research design, data analysis and report writing.  


Chris Atchison
Department of Sociology and Anthropology – Simon Fraser University


Why choose NVIVO

  • Organize and classify your data quickly
  • Spend more time analyzing data and making discoveries
  • Discover subtle connections not possible with manual processing
  • Explore in depth, add your opinions and insights to the analysis
  • Justify your findings with arguments
  • Relate your discoveries to the original data
  • Exchange data easily with applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, IBM SPSS Statistics, Survey Monkey, EndNote and Evernote
  • Share your work effortlessly

New Features

Startup help

When you open NVivo, a quick tour will quickly familiarize you with the software. Get to work as soon as the presentation is over and follow the tips that help you easily ” import “, ” organize ” and ” explore ” your data.

The most intuitive experience in quantitative data analysis

Discover the even more intuitive NVivo software:

  • The navigation panel groups essential functions under ” import “, ” analyze ” and ” explore ” to guide you through your research process.
  • The ribbon makes it quick and easy to find the functions you need.
  • Create your thinking space by pulling out the workspace to enlarge the screen you’re working on.
  • Explore your data with high-quality graphics and mapping tools that are easy to export and use in presentations.
  • Software’s vocabulary is similar to what is used in actual research.

Code faster than ever

You told us that coding is one of the most powerful features of NVivo; you have been heard.

  • The most efficient coding: when working with text documents, you can easily see all your codes and easily drag text into them in one view.  
  • Better readability with flexible coding bands: display coding bands horizontally so they are easier to read.
  • Easily track coding: just click on a coding band to see what you have coded. The color of the highlighted text is the same as the color of the coding tape to make it easier to read when viewing the coding tapes.

Import your data in a few clicks

Use Word or Excel to collect data, easily send it to NVivo with a few clicks, and then immediately begin your analysis.

The NVivo-Office integration allows you to add tags to note key points or themes in each document, along with a description, to organize and prepare your files for easy searching within NVivo. This feature saves you time by allowing you to quickly collect data on your favorite device and import it with a few clicks to immediately begin your analysis.

If you are using the new version of NVivo on Microsoft Windows, you can also take advantage of instant Microsoft Outlook imports to easily analyze data within emails.

Collaboration made easy and simple

To take your analysis to the next level, NVivo facilitates mobility and collaboration with subscriptions and modules based in the cloud or on your own servers, offering flexible options to meet your needs.

NVivo Collaboration Cloud: the sharing module for small teams

NVivo Collaboration Cloud allows team members to share projects regardless of their location.

  • Individual user management: easily manage user permissions based on each team member’s role.
  • Collaborate through a familiar upload process: upload a project to start working and making changes. Once saved, drop it into the collaborative workspace for the workspace manager to combine your contributions with the main project.
  • Work offline if necessary: upload your project to your computer so you can work offline or back up your data. Your main project is saved in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

NVivo Collaboration Server: sophisticated user management

Collaboration Server (formerly NVivo for Teams) a companion tool to NVivo, not a floating version of it: NVivo Collaboration Server is a tool for teams to work simultaneously on shared NVivo projects. It provides seamless navigation through the administrative portal, allowing you to easily and securely manage your team’s roles and permissions.

NVivo Transcription: the automated transcription add-on

NVivo Transcription is a stand-alone capable NVivo plugin that renders verbatim the audio content of your interviews conducted as part of your profession or research.

its compatibility with NVivo makes it a powerful ally for accelerating the qualitative analysis you want to perform on a volume of unstructured survey data.


  • Using a PC or smartphone, transfer many possible audio formats to the online platform.
  • If you are recording from a mobile device, upload the recording directly into NVivo Transcription and start transcribing.
  • All data is encrypted during download and save.


  • You’ll get fast turnaround times and up to 90% accuracy from good audio quality.
  • Files are retranscribed in a time equal to half the length of the audio, so a one-hour audio file will be ready for review in just 30 minutes.
  • NVivo Transcription is compatible with 29 languages.


  • Enrich your data with a rich editor allowing you to tag speakers among other things.
  • Import transcribed files directly into NVivo or export and use them with other programs, including earlier versions of NVivo.


Operating SystemCPUDisk spaceRAMDVD-Rom /
Internet accessFree resources
Windows 8.1 or higher – 64 bits2.0 GHz dual-core
5 GB (minimum)4 GB
yes (*)recommended (**)Getting Started with NVivo Videos>

NVivo eGuide>
3.0 GHz quad-core
8 GB
8 GB
Mac OS X 10.13 or higherIntel Core 2 Duo,
Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon
5 GB
4 GB
noyes (**)Getting Started with NVivo Videos>

NVivo eGuide>
Intel Core i5,
Core i7, ou Xeon

8 GB
8 GB
() DVD-Rom not required for installation by download. (*) Internet Explorer recommended to use some of the software’s features.

Display information

  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution (minimum)
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution (recommended)

Available languages

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chinese (simplified) Only on Windows
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
Starting from (excl tax)
Perpetual license
696 €
Student subscription
81 € / year