KaleidaGraph - V5

With KaleidaGraph 5, go from simulation to interpretation of 2D experimental data

KaleidaGraph is the reference tool for 2D analysis and visualization of experimental data. It is intended for research, engineering and industrial sectors.

A user-friendly and powerful plotter, it transforms your data into professional quality graph.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • Wide range of statistical and mathematical tools
  • Exportable and customizable results
  • Unbeatable price/quality ratio
  • Get started in 10 minutes
  • Spreadsheet-like interface
We very much appreciate RITME… they guide us to properly choose the solutions and professional answers to the problems submitted by our researchers.
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Laurent Benvenuti
IT Manager – Toulouse School of Economics


Easy-to-use and comprehensive software, KaleidaGraph offers all the necessary tools for a quality visualization and analysis. Some key features are presented below, through the three major assets of KaleidaGraph.

Visualize your data

  • Data entry in a spreadsheet-like interface and direct import of files (Excel, ASCII)
  • Menu with built-in functions: sorting, transposition, statistical analysis
  • Library of varied and customizable graphic templates
  • Numerous parameterization options for complete control over graph layout (legends, limits, axes)

Analyzing your results

  • Ease of use with a variety of basic statistical functions such as Student’s t testanalysis of variance and Wilcoxon
  • Data manipulation through the mathematical manager allowing  over 100 applicable mathematical functions
  • Variety of curve fitting and smoothing methods
  • Adding error bars to plots

Communicating your findings

  • Advanced chart customization: axes, points, grids, labels…
  • Possibility to create multi-graphics presentations, rearrange and resize graphics, add text and colors for a professional results
  • Export to PowerPoint, the web, or applications in common formats

The news

Version 5 for Mac and Windows

  • 64-bit version for Mac, it includes native support for the M1 chip
  • New plot type: Bubble plot
  • Ability to overlay markers on box, percentile and summary column charts
  • Management of gradient filling patterns
  • Ability to add error bars to dot plots
  • Support for exporting SVG and PDF files
  • Transparent backgrounds for PNG and TIFF images
  • Displaying the source of syntax errors in a dialog box
  • Support for multiple cancellations via a History dialog box
  • Support for Unicode and longer text strings
  • Easy import and export of comma-separated files
  • Support for dates beyond 2040
  • Increased the maximum number of data windows, plot windows and general curve fits
  • Improved appearance of fill patterns when exporting text files
  • Ability to specify text encoding when importing and exporting text files

System requirements

Operating SystemVersionCPURAMHard diskCD-rom / DVD-romInternet access
Microsoft WindowsWindows 10 or higherIntel or AMD
32/64 bits
256 MB (minimum)150 MBYesYes
MacOSMac OS 10.14 or higher (Includes support for the M1 chip)Intel or PowerPC256 MB (minimum)150 MBYesYes
Starting from (excl tax)
Perpetual license
148,34 €