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Global solutions for laboratory digitalisation, management, analysis and intelligent data communication for chemists and biologists

It is a complete offer covering your laboratory needs, from data management to result optimisation. It contains software that facilitates drawing, design, simulation and analysis in the field of chemistry. They can also include visualisation, storage and inventory, indexing and digitisation of a wide range of laboratory processes in compliance with data security laws.

These tools also provide a variety of information-sharing solutions that enable more efficient and accurate data integration to help laboratories manage and track samples, automate their production workflow and store and analyse all results. Innovative software can enable today’s chemists to search, reuse and communicate their data efficiently and seamlessly.

Logilab SDMS

Logilab SDMS

Elevate your data management with Logilab SDMS. This well proven Scientific Data Management System is meticulously designed to capture data from any analytical instrument, regardless of type, make or manufacturer. The system efficiently performs scheduled data capture, cataloging, archiving and data restoration, while enabling data extraction of interest for external systems like ELN or LIMS.

Logilab ELN

Logilab ELN

Logilab ELN is a proven Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) solution that streamlines laboratories operations by seamlessly digitizing tasks and eliminating paper-based processes.
Trusted by laboratories conducting tests/experiments and research in various disciplines, Logilab ELN ensures compliance with data integrity guidelines for GxP regulated facilities.

Qualis LIMS

Qualis LIMS

The Qualis LIMS is a state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which enables laboratories to work digitally and paperlessly. It is designed for any laboratory conducting tests/experiments or research on samples, whether industrial, commercial, or analytical, uses it.

Logo Laby


More complete than a laboratory notebook (ELN) and more flexible than a LIMS, Laby is a “new generation” laboratory data management solution. Designed by scientists, it provides a simple and complete management of you laboratory’s activities: monitoring of R&D projects and experiments, supervision of products and equipment, management of bibliographic resources and quality documentation…


ChemDraw has long since established itself as the benchmark software for drawing molecular structures. In order to offer each user the tool adapted to his needs, the software now exists in three versions: ChemDraw Prime, ChemDraw Professional and Signals ChemDraw. These versions meet the needs of all researchers, students and teachers involved in chemistry and related fields.

ChemDraw Professional for Mac and Signals ChemDraw now integrate an electronic lab notebook accessible via the cloud, allowing easy and unrestricted collaboration.


Experts around the world trust Mipar to analyze their images. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, Mipar is among the most powerful tools on the market. Moreover, it automates your analyses and is adapted to all fields that use imagery.


From inventory management to the flow of your experiments, FindMolecule is the ideal tool to help you in the digitalization of your laboratory activities. Record your experiments, manage your databases and inventories, counter-sign your discoveries according to the standards in force. The versatility of FindMolecule makes it a tool adapted to chemists and biologists. In addition, the development of custom features is possible. FindMolecule can be installed in SaaS mode (hosted in the cloud) or on a local server.


Based on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics, Gaussian allows you to predict the energies, molecular structures and vibrational frequencies of complex molecular systems, and to anticipate their chemical properties. Molecules and reactions can be studied under a wide range of conditions not only for stable species or complex compounds but also for experimentally unobservable compounds, such as ephemeral intermediates or transition states.


IGOR Pro is a powerful data processing tool for researchers and engineers alike. IGOR Pro provides all the necessary functions for peak analysis, multidimensional FFT, convolution, correlation and curve smoothing, while offering complete and high quality graphical output.


Chemical regulations are constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up to date. LogicSDS is an expert and certified software to calculate chemical hazards and to edit labels and safety data sheets in the GHS-CLP (Global Harmonized System-Classification Labelling Packaging) regulatory system in 36 languages.

GraphPad Prism

Join scientists around the world and discover how you can use Prism to save time, make better analysis choices and nicely represent your scientific research project.
GraphPad Prism is an analysis and graphing solution designed for scientific research.