CSR approach

Our CSR approach

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As a distributor and integrator of software solutions for researchers and scientists, RITME is committed to a more responsible digital world. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to enhance our positive impact on society, the environment and our customers, partners, and employees. This is achieved through social, societal, environmental, and economic initiatives.

This approach permeates every aspect of our business, from promoting ethical business practices to reducing our environmental footprint. We also support responsible innovation by promoting sustainable practices within our ecosystem, in a working environment conducive to the well-being of our employees.

At RITME, we’re working towards a future where digital technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

Our social approach: contributing to employee fulfillment

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Diversity, inclusion and professional equality

RITME promotes diversity and good living together, notably through its commitment to non- discrimination and equal employment opportunities. We are committed to attracting, retaining and promote women into management positions, aware of their under-representation in the digital sector.

Integrating new employees

We are convinced that the well-being and success of our employees begins with an effective induction program. Each newcomer is assigned a mentor during his or her first few weeks, and benefits from a comprehensive induction program involving all departments, for a global view of our activities and processes.

Skills development

To help our employees grow, we regularly organize workshops to encourage the sharing of experience between our teams. What’s more, during annual appraisals, we work with each employee to identify their external training needs to enhance their skills.

Career development

Our employees’ careers are monitored through regular interviews. This approach enables us to develop their talents, support them and challenge them to achieve their career goals. We firmly believe that communication is the key to successful and fulfilling career development.

Working conditions

We attach great importance to providing optimal conditions for our employees. Working groups meet to define the necessary investments in premises, living spaces and equipment to ensure an environment conducive to productivity and well-being. We also take care to maintain a balance between work and private life, encouraging the right to disconnect and respecting working hours.

Professional development

We place our employees’ professional fulfillment at the heart of our concerns. To guide each employee in his or her professional reflections and help him or her to become a player in his or her own personal development, we have implemented an approach based on “job crafting”, which can be defined as the art of shaping one’s work to find more meaning in it. This iterative, long-term approach aims to strengthen the commitment and fulfillment of each and every one of our members.

Organizing in-house events

Throughout the year, we organize in-house events to share convivial moments and strengthen team cohesion (company parties, games, competitions, sporting events…).

Our approach to society: working for a fairer society

For many years now, RITME has been demonstrating its commitment to society through solidarity and associative actions, illustrating its positive and lasting impact.

We partner a number of charities and humanitarian organizations, including the Red Cross and Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, providing financial support for natural disasters and surgical operations for disadvantaged children in Africa.

What’s more, our commitment is demonstrated by concrete actions involving our teams, such as clothing and school supplies collections in partnership with Emmaüs Défi, which promotes professional reintegration.

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Our environmental approach: acting sustainably for the planet

Réduction de notre consommation énergétique

Reducing our energy consumption

We attach great importance to reducing our energy consumption. To achieve this, we implement concrete initiatives on a daily basis, such as raising our teams’ awareness of eco-actions or installing energy-saving equipment such as motion sensors for lighting common areas.

Dématérialisation de nos documents

Dematerialization of our documents

Faced with the impact of paper on the environment, we have initiated several actions to reduce our paper consumption, carbon footprint, such as reducing paper printing, adopting electronic pay slips and invoices, and replacing luncheon vouchers with payment cards. In addition, we offer our customers business software enabling them to digitize their processes.

Collecte et revalorisation de notre mobilier

Collecting and recycling our furniture

We offer a second life to our obsolete furniture by working with eco-organizations. specialized in the collection, reconditioning and recycling of waste materials.

This initiative enables refurbished furniture to be reintegrated into the reconditioning market.

Our business approach: building a sustainable model

At RITME, we are committed to striking a balance between economic profitability and respect for our partners. Working closely with software publishers, we prioritize high-performance, sustainable technological solutions that meet the needs of researchers and scientists. We adopt a pricing strategy tailored to the needs of students, public research organizations and the general public to make innovation accessible.

Our commitment to training, as a QUALIOPI-certified organization, guarantees the excellence of our services for scientific and research players. Our contractually-agreed trainers are regularly monitored to meet changing needs and expectations, ensuring constant quality of service.

Our scientific committee, made up of leading experts, contributes to the development of tomorrow’s working methods, combined with innovative software. The expertise and voluntary commitment of the members of this committee is valued by supporting associations dedicated to research, in the service of the common good.

This approach is perfectly aligned with RITME’s values, stated by our customers as being trust, expertise and sustainability. By emphasizing respect for our financial partners and placing researchers at the heart of our strategy, we are working towards a future where innovation contributes to scientific progress in the service of humanity.