Publi offer – Scientific Information Management

PUBLI is our offer dedicated to scientific knowledge management, from data collection to data analysis, management and discovery: an offer designed to better support insights and research.

L'offre Publi dédiée à la gestion de l'information scientifique

At a time where Open science is driving us towards a new paradigm, the scientific community must align and update.

How to efficiently find proper information when data is growing exponentially (Big Data)? What are the solutions to simplify and optimize the management, analysis and sharing of information? Which tools should be chosen to strengthen collaboration and how should they be connected? What strategies should be settled to protect and enhance the value of discoveries?

RITME has been supporting for 30 years research teams in both public and private sectors, and helps them when it come to the implementation of software solutions adapted to their research and business challenges and responding to the growing need for digitalization.

Supporting you through the scientific data journey

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From data collection to a knowledge culture

Thanks to its expertise in scientific information management, RITME offers a complete range of solutions and services to support you at every stage of your scientific information management strategy:

Collect – Data sourcing

Manage – Information management

Analyze – Knowledge management

• Valorize – Publication and Communication

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Collect - Data sourcing

Data sourcing

Trust our teams to help you better search, select and collect relevant information for your research.

• Our solutions: Citavi, Article Galaxy

• Our services: Scientific watch, document collection strategy, literature review…

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Manage - Information management

Information management

Once the information has been collected, our teams work with you to organize, secure, structure and enrich it.

• Our solutions: Citavi, NVivo

• Our services: Infrastructure audit, bibliographic tools training course, FAIR good practices…

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Analyze - Knowledge management

Knowledge management

Our experts support your teams to analyze information and share knowledge efficiently.

• Our solutions: Citavi, IA

• Our services: Scientific project management, data insights (Machine Learning, Data Discovery, qualitative analysis…)

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Valorize - Publication and Communication

Publication and Communication

Your discoveries are precious. Trust our experts to help you present protect and enpower them.

• Our solutions: Chemdraw, Mathtype, Citavi and scientific platforms

Our services: Scientific communication and writing, digital identity…

A comprehensive support for the management of scientific information

Our multidisciplinary teams support you through your transformation projects.


Identifying your needs is tantamount to any successful consulting project.

After listening carefully and thoroughly to your needs, our teams will advise you and help you select the best solution to fit your research and business objectives.


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We build together the projects that meet your expectations

Our project-centered approach secures our moving forward with structure, comprehensiveness and Agility to implement tailor-made solutions, processes and skills.


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Ritme Academy is our Accredited Training Organization :  we enhance your teams’ skills and nurture knowledge culture to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our key words : sustainability, excellence and innovation.


A glimpse at our software solutions for scientific information management

Solution NVivo


NVivo is the qualitative data analysis software designed to provide you with a workspace where you can organize, visualize, and analyze your unstructured and qualitative data. NVivo handles multiple data sources and formats such as interviews, survey results, images, audio or video interviews, newspaper articles, web page content and social networks.



Citavi is the only all-in-one writing and referencing solution. Built like a database, designed for individuals and teams, it simply stores and manages references and documentation and makes it possible to share information, insights and knowledge.

You can import your PDFs, your web pages, add your references, in one click. You can organize, structure, sort your references, and then find them easily in your database. You can also annotate, comment on your documents, extract images, tables, figures of interest, and then cite them and your sources when writing your documents.


Article Galaxy

Article Galaxy

Article Galaxy is Robust Document Delivery Service With One-Click Access to Technical, Medical and Scientific Papers. It offers a flexible, easy-to-use and efficient scientific document delivery solution. Copyright-compliance, duplicate detection, cost management, operational efficiency are one of the many advantages of that comprehensive platform.


Case Study: Implementation of CITAVI, reference and knowledge management system, at the Centre de recherche Routières

Etude de cas CITAVI

Implementation of CITAVI, reference and knowledge management system, at the Centre de recherche Routières

Citavi allows to save documents, but it also offers the possibility to link to documents. So we can point from Citavi to documents placed on the library server without having to make a copy on the Citavi server. This is also only possible thanks to the famous Citavi layer.


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