With IGOR Pro, collect, visualize and analyze experimental data

IGOR Pro is a powerful tool for data processing, for researchers and engineers alike. This software provides all the necessary functions for peak analysis, multidimensional FFT, convolution, correlation, and curve smoothing, while offering comprehensive, high-quality graphical output.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • Easy data acquisition
  • From 2D to volumetric data
  • Fully programmable interface
  • Management of very large data sets
  • Also available on Mac

Why choose IGOR Pro?

Speed up the analysis phase

With its specialized functions, IGOR Pro analyzes large data sets at an impressive speed.

The curve fitting functions are very comprehensive: linear and non-linear least squares, automatic residual calculation, confidence intervals, multivariate fitting, constrained fitting.

its analysis functions will give you maximum information about your data: peak analysis, multidimensional FFT, smoothing, convolution, correlation…

A flexible software to use

IGOR Pro reads the most common data formats, including Microsoft Excel®. It contains a programming language and can be completely customized: adding menus, control tables, hyperlinks…

High-level graphical features

Igor Pro includes powerful image processing tools: manipulation, quantization, various filters…

Graphic output, both 2D and 3D, is publication quality and available in the most commonly used formats, such as EPS and PDF.

Go further with NIDAQ and XOP modules

The optional NIDAQ module, dedicated to National Instruments maps, drives data acquisition directly from IGOR Pro.

The optional XOP (for eXternal OPeration) module allows you to add functions developed in C: you can add operations, functions, menus, dialog boxes, as well as windows reserved for analysis or data acquisition.

IGOR Pro version 8 news

Igor Pro 8 contains hundreds of enhancements, including 20 new operations, 5 new functions, and a new common network data form

  • Use the new window browser to see all your windows at once, or filter by type, name, and/or wave.
  • The redesigned procedure browser lets you quickly find and filter symbols (functions, macros, etc.).
  • Procedure windows and the command line now suggest options to complete the current command.
  • The new Box Plot and Violin Plot types make it easy to show the distribution of values in a data set.
  • Advanced curve fitting

Required configuration

Microsoft Windows

  • Operating system: Windows 7 and above
  • Architecture: 32/64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Pentium (minimum)

Mac OS

  • Operating system : Mac OS X 10.9 et plus
  • Processor : Intel ou Power PC
Starting from (excl tax)
Perpetual license
920,88 €