Le Sphinx

With the Sphinx software suite, conduct your survey and data analysis projects independently.

The Sphinx software suite is the reference for all your research projects, from data collection to analysis and communication of results.

It allows you to design expert and interactive questionnaires to mobilize respondents and distribute surveys on all media (Web, Paper, Smartphone, QR Code, SMS…). You can also process and analyze your data, whether quantitative or qualitative, by combining different levels of analysis, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

The results are presented in a way that facilitates decision-making and can be communicated in a global or personalized manner thanks to the power of data visualization.

5 good reasons to use this product

  • Reference software for the creation and multi-channel distribution of surveys
  • Complete solution for all stages of the study
  • Powerful analysis functions (Quanti & Quali) and Data visualization
  • Interactive and dynamic surveys
  • Intuitive and accessible solution for data collection and analysis
We very much appreciate RITME… they guide us to properly choose the solutions and professional answers to the problems submitted by our researchers.
Our contacts at RITME have a main quality:  to bringing us answers.

Laurent Benvenuti
IT Manager – Toulouse School of Economics

Why choose Le Sphinx ?

Sphinx Declic

Sphinx Declic is the web solution dedicated to online surveys.

User-friendly, efficient and accessible, it judiciously integrates all survey functions: from questionnaire design to Web/SMS collection, including shared quantitative and qualitative analyses. An “all online” and “all in one” solution.

It is the ideal and economical solution to carry out specific surveys and benefit from operational, fast and dynamic results.

Image Sphinx Declic

Sphinx iQ3

Sphinx iQ3 is the intuitive and powerful multi-channel survey solution that supports you at every stage of your research projects: from designing your questionnaires to analyzing the results and communicating them.

Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches with data visualization, Sphinx iQ3 makes your data speak for itself to obtain a vision of the results that is as synthetic as it is rich and precise.

View video

View video

Sphinx iQ3, the benchmark solution for collecting, analyzing and visualizing your quantitative and qualitative data to make the most of your studies and guide your decisions:

  • Listen to your customers, employees or partners,
  • Give meaning to your Quanti and Quali data,
  • Communicate impactful results!
Image Sphinx iQ3


Here is a comparative table of the various components of the Sphinx range, such as Sphinx Community which allows you to respond to a global panel interrogation approach.

New : Sphinx iQ3 now integrates Sphinx Quali (qualitative analysis) and Sphinx DATAVIV’ (Data visualization & Reporting) !

System requirements for Sphinx iQ3

Recommended configurationMinimum configuration
Intel®Core 2.5 GHz processor2.5 Ghz processor
RAM : 16 GBRAM : 8 GB
Free hard drive space: 3 GBFree hard drive space: 3 GB
Graphics card: 3D compatible DirectX gc with 512 MB of dedicated memoryGraphics card: 3D compatible DirectX gc with 256 MB of dedicated memory
Screen resolution : 1680×1050 pixelsScreen resolution : 1366×768 pixels
Windows 10 in 64 bits up to date
With .Net Framework version 4.7.2 functional
List of browsers to choose from, in their latest versions
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Starting from (excl tax)
Annual subscription
1081 €