Laboratory notebook: handwritten or electronic version?

This article explores the advantages of the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) over the handwritten version, from data management to quality improvement and laboratory compliance.

Fusion for sustainable energy

Find out in this article how the UKAEA (UK Atomic Energy Authority) teamed up with Intel and the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab to create a digital twin of the first fusion power plant.

Agile transformation of laboratories: team management, the great oversight in laboratories?

This article aims to present the benefits of Agile applied to the world of R&D, whether it is improving the success rate of projects or implementing a continuous improvement approach…

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Customer references

IUT de Saint-Etienne
Agro SUP Dijon
Inventec Performance Chemicals
Bostik SA
Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier
Université Clermont Auvergne
Banque de France

Thank you for this very interesting conference and for the quality of the organization and follow-up. Looking forward to future conferences and exchanges.

Thierry Brunel
Teacher Researcher Letters / Expression-Communication in charge of Communication Mission IUT
Scientific Watch Webinar
We very much appreciate RITME... they guide us to properly choose the solutions and professional answers to the problems submitted by our researchers.
Our contacts at RITME have a main quality:  to bringing us answers.

Laurent Benvenuti
IT Manager - Toulouse School of Economics

Remarkable. Remote training course IS effective.

Herve de Bisschop
AgroSup Dijon | DSHS SFC
NVivo Level 1 Schulung

I am very satisfied with this training which allowed me to understand how interesting the usageof the  software and its very functionnalities are, though I had not used it yet. The trainer is more than qualified and is able switch from a fine and very technical vision to an global vision very easily. He was able to adapt to a wide variety of requestsl while sustaining the progressive completion of the training program, which is highly appreciated. A big thank to Jonathan!

Sebastien Borraccino
CEREFIGE | Research
NVivo level 2 training

A great training, very technical and allowing the completion of one of my new professional goals. The trainer was very interesting and clear in his explanations.

Charlotte Morin
Inventec Performance Chemicals (Dehon) | R&D Soldering
Training for writing scientific articles

This training is for all kind of users. It is possible to easily share one's difficulties and to ask questions. The pace of the training is very good (neither too slow nor too fast). The person who gave us the training was very clear. I recommend this training.

Adeline Thomas
Dômes Pharma | R&D
Training on how to use Citavi
Our trainer is very instructive and caring. The course is structured and focuses on useful points.
Foudij Mameri
Bostik SA | Upstream Application
Design-Expert Training

The lengh of this training course was very well adjusted: not too short, not too long , with the possibility to test the "theoretical" learning. Accessible trainer, open to questions.

Laura Bon
CH le Vinatier | CRR
EndNote training
The NVivo training offered by RITME is of high quality thanks to its very thoughful and instructive speaker who knows the software backwards. From its basic buttons to its advanced functionalities, I am now able to use NVivo to transcribe, code and analyze the data used in my research in Management sciences. Very satisfied, I do recommend this training course.
Cyril Verdier
University of Clermont Auvergne - CleRMa Laboratory
NVivo (NVivo level 1 training)

This course was very instructive and very well structured. Being a novice in the use of R, I was craving for these two days of training on on "R Initiation" and am very satisfied with this training. The balance between theory and practice during this course allowed me to be more autonomous on data analysis and to do future genomic data analysis (DNA seq...) during my post-Doc.

Johanna Verneau
R Initiation training

Very good training, very instructive and dense.

Steeve Lowenski
Prism Training

I learned more from this training than I expected. The trainer introduced us to elements and functions of the software that we hadn't even thought of! Nothing but positive things.

Justine Benghozi-Bouvrande
Origin Training

Very good training, very concrete. We have time to work on our projects.

Severine Fontaine
Scientific writing training

A trainer  with true technical skills who knows how to make it user-friendly and within our reach. I learned a lot from this course, especially regarding the functions related to econometrics.

Isabelle Capelle
Banque de France
Eviews Initiation training
NVivo is more than just a qualitative data analysis software, it is an essential tool for planning, team coordination, article review, research design, data analysis and report writing.

Chris Atchison
Department of Sociology and Anthropology - Simon Fraser University

Some of our users talk about "life-changing" software that is easy and enjoyable. The time savings this tool offers compared to a paper notebook is significant. Everyone can access each other's work easily which does help research projects move forward.

Gael Fraboulet
Domain Therapeutics
Signals Notebook
We have been using FindMolecule as a lab notebook and inventory for several years. Compared to other software we have used, this one exceeded our expectations. It is a quality program, reliable and easy to use. I recommend it to everyone.
Megan Bertrand-Laperle
Senior Research Associate - Paraza Pharma Inc.

Having all your clinical data, but also your external data -  which is important in a clinical trial - having it all together really makes a difference.

Pascal Groenen
General Manager, Avania

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