Software integration

Call on our experts to make your transformation projects a success

Vous accompagner dans l’intégration de vos logiciels scientifiques

Being a strategic partner of research teams means that RITME provides you with all its know-how to implement your scientific solutions, makingitsecure, sustainable and compliant. 

Each organization is unique: our mission is to deploy the best-fitting solutions, adapt them if needed and help you gain performance and innovation

To help you master your digital transformation, we bring in a  multidisciplinary team and fuel you with our technical, methodological and organizational expertise. 

A comprehensive implementation

Our multidisciplinary teams take charge of your transformation projects, from first to last step:  

  • In-depth needs analysis
  • Specifications & List of requirements
  • Settings
  • Specific developments
  • Customization
  • Data recovery
  • Integration 
  • Interfaces with third-party applications
  • Test and production Environments
  • Transfer of skills
  • Technical support and maintenance
Un accompagnement 360° lors de l’intégration de vos solutions logicielles
Nos atouts dans l’intégration de logiciels scientifiques

Our strengths

  • Listening carefully to your needs
  • Truly engaged in your projects
  • Monitoring constantly to alert you
  • Adapting its methodology to service you

Operational support for successful deployment of your solutions

Intégration logiciel et accompagnement de proximité des équipes

The success of your projects also depends on people’s engagement, and how we can make sure they are going to do use and master the solutions deployed at your organization. 

Our teams offer different levels of services to support succesfull engagement: 

Scalable and sustainable solutions

Our mission does not end with the deployment of your solutions. Our teams remain at your side to guarantee the solutions will keep on working properly and shall be revamped if needed to meet your new expectations: 

  • New functionnalities
  • Technical support
  • Corrective and progressive maintenance
  • Training
Intégration logiciel : maintenance et évolutions

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