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Whether it’s IT architecture or product manufacturing, we offer a suite of powerful solutions to efficiently conduct research, design, test, or quality and coding projects in the latest development environments.These software products also feature advanced multivariate data analysis techniques, sophisticated optimization capabilities, and a range of sophisticated processing, analysis, visualization, and automation tools.Through data collection and analysis, engineers can identify, isolate, and correct unforeseen product and application defects or other problems that may occur during production with maximum accuracy

Stat-Ease 360

This “pro” version augments Design-Expert with additional features for advanced users. Capitalizing on the same streamlined workflow that makes Design-Expert best-in-class for design of experiments, experts who run computer-based experiments or want to implement Python scripts can now take advantage of powerful tools to accelerate their research.


Origin is a complete data analysis and graphing tool providing a wide range of features (peak analysis, curve fitting, statistics…) to meet the quality requirements and specific needs of the scientific community (researchers, engineers, technicians…). Origin exists in two versions, Origin Standard and Origin Pro.

Intel oneAPI

Intel oneAPI is the productive and intelligent path to HPC freedom from the economic and technical burdens of proprietary programming models. It is an open alternative to proprietary language lock-in that allows you to fully exploit the performance of your hardware with a comprehensive set of proven tools that complement existing parallel languages and models.


Design-Expert, simplified design of experiments (DOE) for easier R&D. It’s the reference in design of experiments software and offers the latest techniques for multivariate data analysis and design of experiments.


OpticStudio allows you to quickly and safely design optical and lighting systems using state-of-the-art analysis and optimization features. Today, engineers use OpticStudio to create high-performance lighting systems for LCDs (computer and cell phone displays) and LEDs.

Absoft Pro Fortran

Absoft Pro Fortran is a significant advance in Fortran development. Not only does it generate faster code on AMD and Intel processors, but it is also a complete set of development tools. It is the only Fortran solution that includes fast data visualization capabilities.