Publication and communication

Publication and communication

As the culmination of research, publication and communication are the showcase of your work.

We make sure to offer solutions in line with your challenges, allowing collecting, sharing and accessing information simply :   solutions of document resource management, molecular drawing tool, but also training around scientific writing and communication are part of our services to accompany you on these topics.   Often the culmination of research work, publication and communication are the showcase of your skills.

Within a laboratory or organization working in R&D, it is not uncommon to wonder how best to organize one’s veill, to manage the purchase of documents  and publications, to share document resources and to carry out the writing of scientific articles, with a view to publishing them or disseminating the information to a wide audience.

To help you respond to these issues with tangible solutions, it is essential to examine your activity, your structure and the place that the management and organization of knowledge and what is now called Informational Intelligence can take.  

Organizing one’s scientific watch and sharing resources

Depending on your structure, your IT constraints and your activities, your needs in terms of scientific watch and sharing bibliographic resources may vary. On which databases will you source your content? How do you manage your publication purchases and patents? Where do you want to store your data and how do you want to share it?  

Citavi, an innovative growing solution, offers simple and structured sharing of references, annotations and information through data storage locally, in the cloud or on a server.  This tool, which is much more than a bibliographic referencing tool and is about to supplant dated, not very innovative solutions, in this particular field, can figure at the heart of your thinking around knowledge management and sharing within your organization.  

We perform many migrations of existing parks after thinking together.

We also support our clients in implementing strategies for monitoring, publishing and outreach.

Purchase of publications and patents

Centralized purchasing of scientific resources and control of orders is essential to ensure a clear and solid knowledge base, while avoiding waste of time and money. Our experts have selected for you Article Galaxy, the reference platform for the purchase of scientific publications and patents.

Chemical content management & communication

At the heart of chemistry communication, molecular design is much more than a design tool. Like the Chemoffice+ Cloud suite, these tools are true toolkits for your R&D activities, and allow you to collect, centralize and optimize the use of your molecules and reactions.  

Discover in particular the application Chemoffice+ Cloud, which allows to recover in a few clicks all the chemical content available on your computer and lost in multiple folders, powerpoint, word or other.  

ChemDraw has long since established itself as the benchmark software for drawing molecular structures. In order to offer each user the tool adapted to his needs, the software now exists in three versions: ChemDraw Prime, ChemDraw Professional and ChemOffice+ Cloud. These versions meet the needs of all researchers, students and teachers involved in chemistry and related fields.

ChemDraw Professional for Mac and ChemOffice+ Cloud now integrate an electronic lab notebook accessible via the cloud, allowing easy and unrestricted collaboration.

To help you respond to these issues with tangible solutions, it is essential to examine your business, your structure and the role that knowledge management and organization can play in what is now called Information Intelligence.

Our researchers do not work alone, they work in teams on common projects. The collaborative aspect of Citavi is clearly an asset. (…). Citavi also brings a great rigor, there are much less mistakes on our final bibliographies and therefore much less manual correction work. Citavi guarantees us bibliographies that comply with the standards and editorial needs. In summary, Citavi has brought us a better collaboration in our whole research process, a better result in terms of quality, a huge saving of time and an ease of knowledge sharing. 
Jesica De Salvador
Documentalist – Belgian Road Research Centre

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