Data valorisation

Data valorisation

The exponential generation of data brings many issues: how to collect and manage this data? How to store it securely? How to structure it? Last but not least : how to value it? 

After preliminary analysis of your issues and objectives, we work on a project of accompaniment around the relevant technology.  

Once data is captured, cleaned and mastered, the challenge is to structure and value 

It s necessary to be equipped with the architecture, tools and skills necessary to do so. We provide you with these valuable tools.

Valuing unstructured data: Nvivo and qualitative analysis  

NVivo is a mixed-methods based data analysis software, designed to provide a workspace and thinking space where  organize, visualize, analyze and leverage the un structured datas.  It uncovers richer information, and produces clearly articulated, defensible results supported by rigorous evidence. 

NVivo requires a robust methodology and a prepared approach, which has led us to set up an array of trainings around project management in qualitative analysis with the help of trainers with strong academic and technical backgrounds. Today, these are our most prized trainings.  

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Machine Learning and Open Source Tools for DataScience

The valorisation of data requires the mastery of a booming ecosystem :  Machine Learning and Open Source technologies.  

Understand the basics of artificial learning and Machine Learning on structured data, determine the type of techniques to be applied according to the situations and questions asked, perform preprocessing  elaborated in order to implement predictive models, apply standard methods of dimension reduction and clustering, understand the basics of text mining… 

We can help you validate with you the choice of a language rather than another (R, Python…), accompany the rise in power of your developers, and make you autonomous in the evolution of your models and studies.

This course was very instructive and very well structured. Being a novice in the use of R, I was craving for these two days of training on on “R Initiation” and am very satisfied with this training. The balance between theory and practice during this course allowed me to be more autonomous on data analysis and to do future genomic data analysis (DNA seq…) during my post-Doc.

Johanna Verneau
R Initiation training

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