Quality and safety

Quality and safety

In an international context where standards are constantly evolving, the knowledge and implementation of principles Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) must be at the center of any research activity.

Creation and management of safety data sheets, implementation of quality policy or software validation (QI, QO,…), our team accompanies you towards the respect of the standards in force.  

Quality and safety are at the heart of a laboratory’s activities today. Defined to frame the processes, the standards in force and regulations are constantly evolving, and this by sector of activity. To find your way around and set up clear and fluid procedures, Ritme offers you its expertise.

Software validation

From operational qualification to complete software validation, Ritme is able to provide the appropriate services on all its tools.  

After an audit of needs and issues,  we accompany you throughout pthe process of  qualification; from writing a blank book  (compliance) to official certification.   

Hazard management in the laboratory

The management of hazard information on chemicals is paramount and failures can have serious consequences.  When it comes to products and substances with established hazards, daily information, their traceability, storage conditions, their location or precautions to their use become even more critical.  

For the management of safety data sheets (SDS), FindMolecule allows you to manage SDS always up to date, by location, with a quick access to hazard information. To control their use, it is also possible to generate all types of reports on products and their consumption. For commercial products, they are linked to databases such as Sigma Aldrich, which guarantees you always updated information.

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For the drafting of SDS, RITME proposes LogicSDS, a CLP / GHS compliant software allowing to generate hazards of mixtures and to edit SDS and labels.

Discover LogicSDS

From the operational qualification to the complete validation of a software, Ritme is able to provide adapted services on all its tools.

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