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With Article Galaxy, find scientific, technical or medical publications of interest to you in just a few clicks

Article Galaxy is an online search platform for scientific, technical or medical publications, which guarantees you a flexible, easy-to-use and efficient scientific document delivery solution. The cost of acquiring full-text document copyrights is well optimized with a redundancy check of the desired documents from publications already subscribed, acquired or accessible for free (Open Access) or even on rent. 

5 good reasons to use this software

  • 24/7 service to obtain any type of scientific document
  • Ultra fast delivery times (most in less than an hour)
  • Natural integration with your internal tools
  • Unfailing respect of authors’ rights
  • The most economical publication search platform

Very good training, very concrete. We have time to work on our projects.

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Why choose Article Galaxy?

Article Galaxy is an online publication search platform that guarantees : 

  • A flexible, easy-to-use and efficient scientific document delivery solution
  • The most optimized cost of acquiring copyrights for full-text documents
  • A check for non-redundancy of desired documents from already subscribed, acquired or freely available (Open Access) or rented publications
  • A fast delivery
  • A foolproof copyright compliance for any compliance audit

Many companies, academic institutions, and public organizations trust Article Galaxy to source their scientific or technical content, regardless of their journal subscriptions.

Since 2008, Article Galaxy has been the top-rated tool by scientific information professionals for delivering scientific documents.

Saving time and money

Article Galaxy identifies the most economical legal source to send your collaborator the desired article.

After verification :

  • that your organization does not already own it with the desired rights,
  • that your subscriptions or publisher credits (PPV/ tokens) entitle you to it,
  • that the text exists for free via Open Access,
  • that renting the text is no longer desirable

…a purchase of the unit item by Article Galaxy (e-sourcing) will be offered.

A range for every need

With Article Galaxy, you pay for each document only the service/delivery fee in addition to the copyright.

With Article Galaxy Widget, enjoy the added benefit of a “widget” that will detect from your web browser the reference of publications, available in a few clicks. A citation introduces you to the article, before you rent or buy it in the simplest way, without leaving PubMed or Google Scholar (or any of the 70 compatible reference bases). A researcher’s dream come true !

If you wish to benefit from all of Article Galaxy’s services by opting for the subscription annual (with a set-up fee the first year), then you benefit from : 

  • A server listing all the copyrighted articles in your possession
  • Link Resolver technology
  • Managing your bibliographic references with watch alerts


A single, centralized point of purchase.

Article Galaxy: reduce your budget for access to scientific articles

A service available 24/7

A service available 24/7 to get any article from any publisher and any number as quickly as possible:

  • Published articles & supplementary materials
  • Conference papers
  • Technical reports
  • Dissertations
  • Standards
  • Brevets
  • Book chapters

Fast delivery times for PDF documents.

Available in minutes.

A natural integration with your internal tools

Via integration of a widget on your web browser toolbar.

Purchasing multiple items in a single interaction

Only one email is needed.

Quality 24/7 support administered in real time

Support in English.

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