Data Management and collaboration

Data Management and collaboration

From electronic lab notebooks to product inventory and equipment management, the digital revolution has led to many innovative solutions for managing your laboratory information and data.

Data centralization, archiving and reporting, increased collaboration, rigor and security: we help you design design the appropriate architecture and deploy the elected solution.  

The control of laboratory data is tatamount to the development of research work. Experiments, analysis and results, regulatory and bibliographic information, management of products and equipment, operational maintenance … all this information must be organized, secured, shared and valorized.

Electronic laboratory notebooks and inventory solutions are essential today for a laboratory to properly operate. There is a large spectrum of solutions on the market, Depending the nature of your data, workflow, technical and legal constraints, one might be more relevant than the other.  

We work with a handful of innovative, complementary solutions, each matching different needs and usage patterns.

We will help you refine your choice and guide you throughout their integration : 

  • Needs analysis, stakes and objectives
  • Selection and demonstration of the relevant solutions
  • Support during the Demo version Test Environment provided
  • Specific developments and customization
  • Project Management
  • Integration, Data migration
  • … 

Whilst taking those specific criteria into account:

  • Specific requirements
  • Data Integrity and Data Security
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Operational and Financial Risk analysis

Discover the software solutions we support:

Organizing your research

Electronic lab notebooks are the centerpiece of your organization and make it easy to collect, centralize and share your research and experiments. From synthetic chemistry to cell line studies, from assays to analysis, these flexible tools provide all necessary features to sustain concrete work.

Laby is a new-generation laboratory data management solution: R&D project management, inventory and equipment supervision, document and bibliography management, digital signature, time tracking, etc.

Laby is fully customizable and can be adapted to all R&D organisations. Interoperable, it can interact with your instruments and applications to save time and reduce human error.

An all-in-one ELN, both collaborative and easy to use.

Inventory and equipment Management System

The control of resources (product and equipment inventories) is also a major issue for the productivity of research activities. Product information, quantity tracking, order centralization and inventory management are key factors in the smooth running of a laboratory. 

From inventory management to the flow of your experiments, FindMolecule is the ideal tool to help you in the digitalization of your laboratory activities. Record your experiments, manage your databases and inventories, counter-sign your discoveries according to the standards in force. The versatility of FindMolecule makes it a tool adapted to chemists and biologists. In addition, the development of custom features is possible. FindMolecule can be installed in SaaS mode (hosted in the cloud) or on a local server.

Data Quality and Data security

Research data security is paramount. Keeping your research safe from loss or external attacks is what make electronic lab books and inventory management systems more and more compulsatory. To do so, we help you identity the potential risks and evaluate the level of security expected, especially those impacting hosting (SaaS or On Premise mode through Amazon, Azure or OVH, on servers in Europe or in he USA,…).


We recommend these solutions for their ability to connect to your other applications (SAP, LIMS) and measuring devices (scales, HPLC etc…).

This data is highly valuable for the development of your R&D strategies.

Not only can we help the development of additional functionalities to optimize your processes and maximize your comfort and efficiency, but also carry out their integration and customization.

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