Data analysis and processing

Data analysis and processing

Despite its notoriety and ease of implementation, Excel has done its time when it comes to data analysis and processing.

Technology today offers much less vulnerable solutions that ensure speed and power of processing, accuracy, reproducibility and reliability of results, richness and relevance of explorations. Qualitative analysis, Machine and Deep Learning, design assisted design of experiments as creation of complex statistical models are all avenues to explore together.  

Data is the alpha and omega of the researcher. In laboratories, and for research teams, it is also and above all a resource that one must know how to collect, clean, manage, analyze and visualize before being able to value it.  

Whether structured or unstructured, quantitative or qualitative, from experimental, analytical data or harvested from large surveys, studies, databases or files  imported, software allows at the present time to facilitate this preliminary work on data, sometimes thankless and time-consuming if the tools are insufficient or unsuitable.  

Data processing and visualization

Among the wide variety of software available on the market, we put forward tools that are acclaimed by a large community of users, whose robustness and quality are no longer to be proven, and among which we will help you navigate based on your specific needs.  

These integrated tools do not require specific integration with your Information systems or deep modifications of your processes, a priori. However, them to master and exploit their full potential requires technical and business skills : learning how to handle the tool, consolidating your knowledge to teach it what, and how to process your data. We have set up a wide range of training courses on each of them to help you. 

Origin brings together a range of processing, analysis, visualization and automation tools in one powerful and reliable solution that will make your life easier every day.
It is a complete data analysis and graphing tool that provides a full range of features (peak analysis, curve fitting, statistics, etc.) to meet the quality requirements and specific needs of the scientific community (researchers, engineers, technicians, etc.). It is available in two versions, Origin Standard, offering the essential features, and Origin Pro, for more advanced use.

Coaching around experimental plans

Mastering the test phases: this is the valuable contribution of designs of experiments in research activities. Sometimes put aside, often poorly mastered, the management of experimental designs is nevertheless a major competitive advantage, offering great productivity.  

With the help of one of the leading solutions on the market for years – Design Expert – our experts offer you customized training and services  

After an audit to understand your needs, profiles and objectives, we set up a adapted training program, which starts from your precise issues and allows to work concretely, on your own datasets. 

At the end of the trainings, we often recommend additional services that allow us to do a feedback, and rectify the methods and plans initially developed.  We can also offer you a companion over time, with the provision of a dedicated expert for future projects. 

Design-Expert offers you the latest techniques in multivariate data analysis and design of experiments, allowing you to reduce your number of experiments, and thus the time and cost of your product development while ensuring the best processes.

It also contains advanced multivariate data analysis techniques, elaborate optimization functions and sophisticated visualization tools (2D, 3D, rotations).

The Statistics

RITME offers a variety of statistical software tailored to your business.

Statistics is a complex field with many methods. It is not always easy to choose the right approach, and to understand the steps clearly and precisely. 

It is however unavoidable, whether you work in epidemiology, behavioral sciences, medicine, biostatistics or engineering. Our solutions take you step by step in this direction. 

NVivo is the qualitative data analysis software designed to provide you with a workspace where you can organize, visualize, and analyze your unstructured and qualitative data.
NVivo handles multiple data sources and formats such as interviews, survey results, images, audio or video interviews, newspaper articles, web page content and social networks.

Present, yes which does not mean that all audiences or all profiles are comfortable with its handling, or the interpretations that follow. We accompany researchers in their rise in skills thanks to training in statistical and applied methods that allow them to tame this richly instructive discipline.  

Image processing

Image analysis and processing represent a major challenge in generating accurate results within laboratories. There are new innovative tools, using artificial intelligence and in particular  Deep Learning, allowing the implementation of template databases.  

Mipar is a powerful tool for analyzing images captured from many devices (optical microscope, confocal, electron, biphotonics, X-ray etc.),  adapted to life as well as material sciences.  

Experts around the world rely on Mipar to analyze their images. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, Mipar is among the most powerful tools on the market. Moreover, it automates your analyses and is adapted to all fields that use imagery.

Designed to address productivity concerns, Mipar is more powerful and faster than manual image analysis software. The integration of innovative tools such as ” Recipies ” (pre-configured records) brings a time saving and accuracy in image analysis easy to value. 

These recipes perfectly match the images i need to analyze …. MIPAR has definitely made my life easier.

Material Sciences

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