ChemDraw & ChemOffice

With ChemDraw, chemistry is in color!

ChemDraw has long since established itself as the benchmark for molecular structure drawing software. In order to provide each user with the right tool for his or her needs, the software now exists in three versions: ChemDraw Prime, ChemDraw Professional and ChemOffice+ Cloud. This version satisfies the needs of all researchers, students and professors involved in chemistry and related fields.

ChemDraw Professional for Mac and ChemOffice+ Cloud now include an electronic lab notebook that can be accessed via the cloud, allowing for easy and unconstrained collaboration.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • The reference for molecular design
  • Three versions with different functionnalities
  • Many innovative tools
  • A 3D application
  • An integrated laboratory notebook

I started using Chemdraw in 1986, I think I was the first one in Europe. It is still a first-class tool, even after more than 30 years. It has followed me up throughout my whole career, in my research and helped me out for sure to be awarded grants in Biochemistry and Information processing (1999).

Professor Emeritus
University of Namur

Why choose the ChemDraw suite?


The essential features

ChemDraw Prime is the version including the essential features. In addition to providing the common elements such as rings, bonds, chains, atoms and functional groups, ChemDraw Prime includes  property calculators, models of chemical equipment and laboratory equipment as well as drawing tools for TLC plate electrophoresis gel.

> ChemDraw Prime features

  1. Drawing molecules
  2. Calculating stoichiometric data
  3. Tool for gel electrophoresis / TLC
  4. One-time interfacing with Excel
  5. ChemDraw ActiveX / Plugin
Improved keyboard shortcuts for quick sketching


The complete tool for chemists and biologists

ChemDraw Professional is the complete tool for chemists and biologists, incorporating a range of smart tools to make researchers’ daily work easier. In addition to the features of ChemDraw Prime, it includes many innovative tools, such as NMR prediction or the name=structure function. It also allows you to query online databases, explore, organize and process structure data with ChemDraw for Excel, standard ChemFinder and ChemScript, and integrates with lab notebooks.

It also Chem3D with a third-party application interface and ChemFinder Ultra. It helps chemists and biologists better visualize their work, gain insight and correlate biological activity with chemical structures.

ChemDraw Professional finally incorporates the ChemDraw Cloud application, which allows you to draw molecules and reactions online, regardless of the computer you are using (even if it does not include the ChemDraw license), and to re-import those molecules and reactions to your desktop version.

> ChemDraw Professional features

  1. The name = structure function
  2. the NMR forecast
  3. the ChemFinder database
  4. ChemDraw cloud
Customizable HELM & biopolymer toolbar


The state-of-the-art tool

Chemdraw Professional is the complete and intelligent molecular drawing suite enabling scientists and researchers to capture, store, retrieve, analyze and share data and information about compounds, reactions and properties.

Chemdraw Professional also incorporates an electronic lab notebook, accessible via the cloud : Signals. This lab notebook will suit chemists and biologists and makes collecting, storing and sharing your work easy. Encrypted, your data is protected and accessible from any web browser.

> Chemdraw Professional features

  1. the electronic lab notebook

Equivalences with the old ChemDraw suite

Equivalences with the old Perkin Elmer suite
ChemBioOffice Ultra=>ChemOffice+ Cloud
ChemBio3D=>ChemOffice+ Cloud
ChemBioDraw Ultra=>ChemDraw Professional
ChemDraw Pro=>ChemDraw Prime ou Professional
ChemDraw Standard=>ChemDraw Prime
ChemDraw Plugin Pro=>ChemDraw Prime
ChemScript=>ChemDraw Professional


  • Structure analysis and verification
  • Structure correction
  • Name extension and contraction
  • Creation and use of “nicknames”
  • Tetrahedral stereochemistry, including relative and absolute
  • Polymer chemistry tools
  • Property calculations including pKa, LogP, LogS and tPSA and hotlink to structures
  • Read and write all common chemistry files and graphs
  • Read JCamp and Galactic spectra files
  • Fragmentation tools
  • Special “copy/paste as” command for CDX, CDXML, molfile, SMILES, InChI and InChIKey (copy only)
  • Editing ChemDraw OLE objects (copied into Word for example)
  • ChemDraw ActiveX Control/Plugin
  • Copying and pasting CDXML and molfile text to and from the clipboard for data exchange with other applications that can handle these file formats.
  • Biopolymer toolbar with disulfide and lactam bridges, b- and D-amino acids, DNA, RNA, protecting groups and couplers.
  • Paste peptide, DNA and RNA sequences and chemically interpret them with formatting sequences.
  • Plate electrophoresis gel tool provides rotation for lane labeling, to drag and position strip labeling, paste data from Excel or other sources, and to copy and paste between lanes.
  • Calculators for pKa, LogP, and LogS allow scientists to explore important bioavailability properties such as acid dissociation, distribution, and aqueous solubility of putative compounds.

New ChemDraw 20.0

Search, reuse and report on your molecular designs.

Getting started with ChemOffice+ Cloud

To collect, manage and use your molecules and reactions. New tool to convert all the chemical drawings on your computer into accessible and usable chemical knowledge with a few clicks.

ChemOffice+ allows you to extract and reuse existing chemical content from your old ChemDraw files stored in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files without having to open them. Quickly create lists of molecules for reports and reviews, which you can annotate, edit and export as Powerpoint and SD files.

Add-in for Google Scholar patents (available since December 2020).

Google Scholar Patents

Search by chemical structure in Google Scholar and/or Google Patents from ChemDraw and get an immediate overview of the applications of your compounds.

Improved “clean-up” function and 3D display

2D 3D with color highlighting

Take advantage of the new improvements in the “cleaning” function and the 3D structural perspective to generate 3D conformations of your 2D molecules. The structure perspective makes it easier to see 3D on your posters.

Highlighting of atoms and bonds

Select molecules, bonds and atoms then highlight them with colors to make your chemistry clearer and more attractive. It can be combined with the new “Ring” system.

New shortcuts at the level of atoms and molecules

Enter the keyboard shortcut

A new shortcut key for molecules, “Enter”, allows you to activate the hotspot on a selected molecule without touching the mouse. New entries include the sulfone group (“k”), the tert-butyl group with 90 angles.


Starting from (excl tax)
Perpetual licence
1470 €
479 € / year
Student suscription
162 € / year