Qualis LIMS

Qualis LIMS

Out-of-Box LIMS for quality and research laboratories

The Qualis LIMS is a state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which enables laboratories to work digitally and paperlessly.

It is designed for any laboratory conducting tests/experiments or research on samples, whether industrial, commercial, or analytical, uses it. Besides meeting various regulatory compliance and standard requirements, it provides a very structured method to document laboratory investigation results in an automated manner, with a user-friendly interface.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • Optimize productivity through process automation
  • Configurable tool for different processes
  • Improves laboratory monitoring, control and quality of results
  • Comprehensive and complete audit trail
  • Adherence to regulatory and industry standards of data integrity
Our implementation was a great success for our digital journey with respect to automation with highest order of data integrity and compliance.
Roland Smith
VP Digital Solutions – Moderna Therapeutics, USA
Qualis LIMS

Why choose Qualis LIMS?

The Qualis LIMS is equipped with integrated modules for managing all laboratory processes and can be implemented with little to no customization.

A wide range of industries are covered by this software, including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, cell and gene therapy, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, diagnostics, oil & gas, chemicals, agricultural, clinical research, contract research organizations, biobanks, dairy production, drug discovery, etc.

Besides handling complex standards and statutory compliance requirements, it provides a structured, automated, and paperless method for documenting laboratory results.

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Dynamic Sample Management

There are various types of samples that laboratories can receive and test, such as raw materials, finished products, in-process samples and patient samples. Each category can be configured with its own metadata, which are referred to as “sample registration templates.”

Qualis LIMS - Dynamic sample Management

Material Management

The Materials Management module helps you manage and maintain laboratory inventory. This includes planning and executing supply chains to meet laboratory material requirements. 

Qualis LIMS - Material Management

Instrument Management

The Instrument Management module of Qualis LIMS helps maintain all laboratory instruments and equipment. In this way, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) will be adhered to, Regulatory Standards will be met, and results will be improved.

Qualis LIMS - Instrument Management

Test Grouping & Specification Management

Depending on the test category and section within the laboratory that is performing the test, Test Masters can be maintained with the appropriate attributes and parameters. The purpose of this is to aid in keeping track of vital aspects of the testing process.

Qualis LIMS - Test Group

Results and Release Management

By accessing Qualis LIMS Result entry module, certified analysts are able to enter test results manually based on samples and tests. In addition to providing great flexibility, the module allows users to keep track of their entries easily.

Qualis LIMS - Results and release Management

Managing work schedule

As part of the Qualis LIMS Job Allocation module, test, instrument, and personnel can be allocated to samples. The benefits are enhanced productivity, time savings, and better control and monitoring of lab personnel.

Qualis LIMS - Managing Work Schedule

Competence Management

To adhere to certain regulations and norms, laboratories must manage their human resources and guarantee their competence and training to perform certain analyses and testing. This module allows laboratories to comply with these regulations by assigning the appropriate resources to the required tasks.

Qualis LIMS - Competence Management

Audit Trail

Keeping track of changes, including what, when, who, and why they occur, as well as maintaining a record of the changed values with date/time and electronic signature.

Qualis LIMS - Audit Trail
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