Logilab ELN

Logilab ELN

Empower your laboratory with a cutting-edge ELN

Logilab ELN is a proven Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) solution that streamlines laboratories operations by seamlessly digitizing tasks and eliminating paper-based processes.

Trusted by laboratories conducting tests/experiments and research in various disciplines, Logilab ELN ensures compliance with data integrity guidelines for GxP regulated facilities. This ELN has been certified with OWASP/SANS25, empowering laboratories to operate efficiently and securely.

5 good reasons to use this product

  • Automated and paperless processes
  • Compliance with data integrity guidelines
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • User-friendly interface
We are experiencing a remarkable change in our way of handling data in terms of throughput, compliance & reach for data on our units.
R&D Supervisor
Anthony Nolan Research Institute, UK

Why choose Logilab ELN?

Logilab ELN, the cutting-edge SAAS ELN, revolutionized how laboratories record, execute and store their test and research data, in a seamless paperless environment.

Tailor-made for QA/QC labs and research organizations engaged in R&D projets and product development, across diverse regulated and non-regulated environments, Logilab ELN provides an intuitive, streamlined and error-free environment. Scientists, researchers, QC labs and universities can effortlessly record and securely store their data, while complying with the rigorous standards of 21 CRF Part 11.

With Logilab ELN, unlock the potential of efficient data management, collaboration and compliance, empowering your laboratory to increase productivity, innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

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Sample & Inventory Management

Efficiently manage your samples with Logilab ELN’s dynamic inventory system. Create, receive, and store diverse inventory type effortlessly. Seamlessly handle various inventory categories, such as samples, chemicals, reagents, standards, and more, optimizing your lab’s workflow.

Logilab ELN - Sample & Inventory Management

Task Management

Enhance project efficiency and data capture with integrated task management features. Streamline task management with synchronized commands, ensuring seamless data for diverse projects and daily tests with simplicity and efficiency.

Logilab ELN - Task Management

Labsheet and protocol templates

Easily create and customize labsheet and protocol templates using the intuitive drag-n-drop interface. Templates can be evaluated with test data and validated before usage, to ensure compliance. They also have advanced features for integration, visualization and reporting.

Logilab ELN - Labsheet and protocol templates

Data Capture

Logilab Labsheet templates facilitate data capture, allowing users to enter data manually and perform automatic formula calculations. Design labsheets with instrument parsed data fields, seamlessly transferred by Logilab SDMS, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your laboratory workflows.

Logilab ELN - Data Capture

LIMS Integration

Logilab ELN offers seamless integration with external systems like LIMS and ERP through a configurable middleware integration engine and an easy-to-use mapping tool. Effortlessly transfer samples, tests, and orders between Qualis LIMS and Logilab ELN, ensuring time and cost savings, enhanced user experience, and error-free operations.

Logilab ELN - LIMS Integration

Excel Management

Effectively manage Excel sheets with Logilab ELN’s integrated solution which allows you to easily edit, import and export Excels files. Maintain control over GxP Excel documents by utilizing Excels orders, enabling version and release controls for regulated editing.

Logilab ELN - Excel Management

Audit Trail

Logilab ELN offers an Audit Trail module to ensure better tracking, data transparency and security with automated recording of system and user actions. Benefit from review and archival functionalities, and easily export audit trails to spreadsheets.

Logilab ELN - Audit Trail
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