Logilab SDMS

Logilab SDMS

The all-in-one SDMS for Instrument Integration and Data Management

Elevate your data management with Logilab SDMS. This well proven Scientific Data Management System is meticulously designed to capture data from any analytical instrument, regardless of type, make or manufacturer.

The system efficiently performs scheduled data capture, cataloging, archiving and data restoration, while enabling data extraction of interest for external systems like ELN or LIMS.

Logilab SDMS ensures compliance with ALCOA data integrity principles, CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Annex 11 requirements.

5 good reasons to use this product

  • Seamless instrument and external system integration (LIMS or ELN)
  • Effortless data capture and cataloging
  • Compliance with data integrity principles
  • Enhanced data security and quality control
  • User-friendly access control
Logilab SDMS introduced a very high level of data integrity and compliance. Implementation resulted in positive outcomes.
Director of GxP Digital Systems of a leading Biopharmaceuticals

Why choose Logilab SDMS?

Experience a revolution in data management with Logilab SDMS, a very comprehensive solution that can take care of several laboratory processes.

This solution automatically monitors and uploads data generated by PC-based instruments via LAN, while also capturing essential instrument metadata. Even standalone instruments can be seamlessly integrated through RS232 and TCP/IP, providing a comprehensive data management solution.

It effortlessly integrates with external systems like ELN, LIMS, or ERP, enabling data extraction of interest and boosting overall efficiency.

Your data is stored as flat files in a secure FTP file server, protected with encrypted file names. With user rights control, you have complete command over data access and viewing, ensuring easy access and robust data security.

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Data Scheduler

Logilab SDMS offers a robust data scheduler for automated and secure transfer of instrument-generated files. File transfer can be scheduled for any instruments, including RS232, TCP/IP and non-PC based sources. Benefit from time-based scheduling and live-capture options, ensuring error-free operations and efficient file organization in a central repository with version control.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer enables secure, fast and intuitive navigation for data search with wide search criteria based on multiple parameters. View all file versions, preview file content, and access secured data based on user roles. Benefit from the ability to restore, download, and upload folders/files, as well as search files based on tags, parsed data, and templates. Utilize workflows for review, approval, and electronic signatures, ensuring better compliance and data management efficiency.

Logilab SDMS - Data Explorer

Parsing engine

The powerful Parsing engine facilitates extraction, arrangement, and presentation of data of interest. Users can create parsing logic through a user-friendly interface without the need for complex coding or scripting. Seamlessly integrate the parsed data with external systems, ensuring enhanced accuracy and automation while reducing errors in data processing.

Logilab SDMS - Parsing engine

CFR Gateway

CFR Gateway is a unique solution, designed to ensure data integrity and compliance even for non-compliant instruments and applications. With CFR Gateway, you can control access, allocate user rights, and protect data from unauthorized use or modification. Benefit from user authentication, audit trails, and automatic capture of instrument files for comprehensive security.

Logilab SDMS - CFR Gateway

Audit trail

Monitor and maintain a secure tracking process with the Audit Trail module. It records user and system actions involving the creation, deletion and editing of data. By providing the ability to extract and follow records sequentially and chronologically, it establishes a secured, closely monitored, and controlled tracking process, ensuring compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Annex 11.

Logilab SDMS - Audit trail

Mobile Application

Record data contemporaneously with the SDMS Mobile app. Use any mobile device for flexible and convenient data capture, even in remote locations without PCs. View instrument data on the go and ensure data integrity compliance with regulatory standards.

Logilab SDMS - Mobile Application
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