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Scientific WorkPlace composizione LaTeX e calcoli numerici in un unico ambiente

Con Scientific WorkPlace, è possibile creare, modificare e scrivere testi scientifici più facilmente che mai. Scientific WorkPlace è noto per la sua interoperabilità, per la sua interfaccia basata sulla separazione di contenuti e aspetto, per l'inserimento di testi ed equazioni naturali e per la semplicità con cui consente la creazione e la produzione di documenti complessi. 

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  1. Potenza di calcolo MuPAD
  2. Accesso all'informatica simbolica e numerica
  3. Grafici in 2D e 3D
  4. Crea le tue funzioni personalizzate
  5. Scrivi i tuoi documenti in modo interattivo


With an identical user interface to Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace is distinguished by a specific Compute menu. You have direct access to the MuPAD 5 calculation power without having to learn a programming language: context menus show you the mathematical functions available.


Calculating is a breeze: select a formula or start using the toolbars, choose the operation to be carried out in the menu ... and the result is immediately displayed. Performing elaborate calculations becomes a very simple operation. And of course, the results obtained can be reused in later calculations.
With Scientific WorkPlace, you access the MuPAD computing power directly without having to learn a programming language: context menus show you the mathematical functions available.calcul MuPAD sans avoir à apprendre un langage de programmation : les menus contextuels vous indiquent les fonctions mathématiques disponibles.


Draw the functions as simply as you calculate: select the formula, and choose the type of chart. Scientific WorkPlace offers you the choice of several types of representations and lets you modify the display options of the graph without having to recalculate it.


Like Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace uses the LaTeX system for quality layout and flawless printing.


Documents and all related files (inserted files, graphics, etc.) are automatically bundled together. You only need a single file with the .sci extension to share a document. You can seamlessly import TEX files created with older versions of the program, and export any document as a TEX file. In the XML and XHTML files, version 6 displays your mathematical expressions as MathML does. It is thus easy to create XHTML web files for the representation of your mathematical formulas via a web browser. Note that the Firefox browser is recommended to use version 6, and not Scientific Viewer.

Versione di prova

To test the trial version, use the following serial number (valid for 30 days):

Scientific Workplace 6 - Windows (124.62 MO)

Scientific Workplace 6 - Mac (268.19 MO)

Scientific Notebook 6 - Windows (115.02 MO)

Scientific Notebook 6 - Mac (256.68 MO)

Scientific Workplace + Notebook 5.5 ZIP (144.47 MO)

Le nuove caratteristiche


Version 6 enhances important features already present in older versions of the software: compatibility with other software and systems; a rich interface based based on the logical separation of content and appearance; text entry and natural mathematical expression; the ability to perform mathematical calculations with MuPAD 5® in your Scientific WorkPlace 6® documents; as well as the easy creation and production of complex documents formatted and printed.


Currently available under OS X® and Windows®, with its new Mozilla architecture, Scientific WorkPlace 6 offers more flexibility on a daily basis. You can save or export your documents in different formats. Your documents are saved as XML files which makes them completely portable across platforms. Sharing your work is easier than ever.


The user interface has been completely redesigned to provide easy access to the tools you need to create and navigate documents. In addition to the standard menu bar at the top, there is a status bar at the bottom and several other customizable toolbars just above the text entry area. 


Interface Scientific WorkPlace


Documents and all files related to them (embedded files, plot files, etc.) are automatically bundled together. You only need a single file bearing the extension .sci to share a document. You can seamlessly import TEX files created with earlier versions of the program, and can export any document as a TEX file. In XML and XHTML files, Version 6 represents your mathematics as MathML. This makes it easy to create XHTML web files to display documents with mathematical expressions using an internet browser. Note that Firefox is the recommended browser.



Undo history is now available, letting you Undo an unlimited number of previous editing changes from your current session within a document.

Spell Checking

On the Windows platform, the spell check is performed in real time and underlines in red misspelled words using the MySpell checker. MySpell, an open-source program, provides access to an online dictionary in 40 languages.

Vérification orthographique de Scientific Word

Production de document dans Scientific WorkPlace

Speed of document formatting
Common tasks, such as section head and footnote formatting, are simpler.

Version 6 lets you create fragments containing XHTML code, TEX code, images ...

There is a new interactive interface to create tables in the requested dimensions.

Language Support
Version 6 supports any left-to-right or right-to-left language that is supported by your operating system.

Improved and Scalable Fonts
PDFLATEX and XETEX let you create documents with a wide variety of scalable fonts. With XETEX you can use any OpenType font, as well as Unicode. The program incorporates the latest version of LATEX and AMS macros. When documents are formatted, ligatures and kerning are applied throughout the text.

Version 6 uses MuPAD 5 as the embedded computer algebra system. You can compute symbolically or numerically, integrate, differentiate, and solve differential equations. With menu commands you can compute with over 150 units of physical measure.


With Scientific WorkPlace 6 you can create two- and three-dimensional plots in many styles with many different representation options.

Animated 3D graphic in rectangular coordinates:


3D animated plot: Surface of Rotation




Operating system Processor Disk space

DVD-Rom CD-Rom

Internet access
Windows 7 or more 32/64-bits ND

1 GB

ND yes  yes (*)
Windows Vista 32/64-bits ND 1 GB
 ND yes yes (*)
Windows XP 32/64-bits ND 1 GB
 ND yes yes (*)

 (*) Internet access recommanded to activate the software.


Operating system Processor Disk space RAM DVD-Rom CD-Rom Internet access
Mac OS X 10.5
or more
32/64-bits Intel 1 GB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)

 (*) Internet access recommanded to activate the software.

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