Transcending Boundaries in Qualitative Research

September 22-23, 2021 – 24 hours globally.


Attend the DOE Summit Stat-Ease 2021 online for free on September 28-29, 2021.


Back to school students have access to affordable prices on a monthly or semester basis and departmental and university licenses are also available.


Fast. Specific. Easy to use. Stata is a complete and integrated software that meets all your data science needs: data manipulation, visualization, statistics and automated reporting.


Citavi is specifically developed to simply and efficiently manage all your bibliographic data in a collaborative and secure manner.

We bring you more than scientific software:

expertise, support and implementation of complete solutions tailored to your specific business needs

A complete and innovative software offering

Since 31 years, Ritme has been bringing scientists a catalogue of niche software in never-ending evolution.


360° solutions for your digitalization projects

Ritme supports you throughout the digital transition thanks to the selection, customization and integration of solutions for laboratories.


A tailor-made training offer

Ritme‘s continuing training Center leads your research teams towards the development of their skills.


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Customer references

Inventec Performance Chemicals
Bostik SA
Université de Namur

I am very satisfied with this training which allowed me to understand how interesting the usageof the  software and its very functionnalities are, though I had not used it yet. The trainer is more than qualified and is able switch from a fine and very technical vision to an global vision very easily. He was able to adapt to a wide variety of requestsl while sustaining the progressive completion of the training program, which is highly appreciated. A big thank to Jonathan!

Sebastien Borraccino
CEREFIGE | Research
NVivo level 2 training

A great training, very technical and allowing the completion of one of my new professional goals. The trainer was very interesting and clear in his explanations.

Charlotte Morin
Inventec Performance Chemicals (Dehon) | R&D Soldering
Training for writing scientific articles

This training is for all kind of users. It is possible to easily share one’s difficulties and to ask questions. The pace of the training is very good (neither too slow nor too fast). The person who gave us the training was very clear. I recommend this training.

Adeline Thomas
Dômes Pharma | R&D
Training on how to use Citavi

Mr. Faraj is very instructive and caring. The course is structured and focuses on useful points.

Foudij Mameri
Bostik SA | Upstream Application
Design Expert Training

I started using Chemdraw in 1986, I think I was the first one in Europe. It is still a first-class tool, even after more than 30 years. It has followed me up throughout my whole career, in my research and helped me out for sure to be awarded grants in Biochemistry and Information processing (1999).

Professor Emeritus
University of Namur

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