Review of the 1st Scientific Committee of Ritme

Review of the 1st Scientific Committee of Ritme

Generative AI, IoT, Big Data, quantum computers… Technological advances are transforming the scientific world and paving the way for increasingly innovative and promising applications.

To anticipate and meet the challenges of tomorrow’s science, we have formed the Ritme Scientific Committee, bringing together a panel of experts to discuss the challenges faced by researchers and scientists in terms of software and skills to be developed.

The first session was held on May 24 at the Chateauform’ Saint-Dominique in Paris, with the aim of laying the groundwork for discussions on the evolving software sector. The committee members shared their vision and compare their expertise on the following topical themes: 

  • Machine Learning & Brain Imaging: Towards Precision Psychiatry
    Speaker: Edouard DUCHESNAY, Laboratory Director at CEA
  • Improving Access to Scientific Monitoring
    Speaker: Agnès THEVENIN, Head of Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence, Transgene
  • Scientific Integrity in the Era of AI Chatbots
    Speaker: Stefano CARUSO, Associate Professor at Inserm

We warmly thank all members for their insightful contributions. They enrich our reflections and encourage us to implement solutions and services that are increasingly tailored to the challenges faced by scientists and research teams.

See you on September 24 and for the second session of our Scientific Committee.

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