With Laby, manage your laboratory activity quickly and accurately

More complete than a laboratory notebook (ELN) and more flexible than a LIMS, Laby is a “new generation” laboratory data management solution.

Designed by scientists, it provides a simple and complete management of you laboratory’s activities: monitoring of R&D projects and experiments, design of recipes and batch production, supervision of products and equipment, management of bibliographic resources and quality documentation…

An all-in-one solution, both collaborative and easy to use, which  adapts to your processes and infrastructure (local or cloud installation).

5 good reasons to use this product

  • A complete and innovative solution
  • An easy to use interface 
  • A strengthened collaboration 
  • A respect for quality standards 
  • Secure storage
The Laby tool is very complete and responds to several questions with a single solution. Unlike existing tools, it is flexible and contributes to strengthening teamwork while securing data. It offers an overall vision of the progress of projects for the management of the company and R&D. 
Pierre Alain Rubbo
CEO – Omunis

Why choose Laby ? 

With Laby, equip your laboratory with a solution that is both flexible and easy to use, to effectively manage all your research and development activities!

Take advantage of a powerful solution to save time, facilitate regulatory compliance and simplify your data management.

Depending on your choice, Laby can be deployed in your local infrastructure or in the cloud, guaranteeing the governance, security and protection of your research data, in compliance with current standards.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook – ELN 

Laby includes a collaborative project manager, in which your teams can record and share all their experiments, tests or analyses. For each project, a lot of information can be stored, updated and shared: texts, Excel files, images, tables, documents, graphs… 

A system of personalised models allows your teams to save time during the development of their projects. To facilitate teamwork, while ensuring data confidentiality and integrity, Laby allows for fine-grained management of access rights and permissions for each user. The solution also integrates an audit trail and digital signature for better traceability and authenticity.

Screenshot Laby 1

Inventory and equipment management 

Controlling the quality and availability of goods and equipment is essential to ensure the smooth running of your R&D projects. This is why Laby includes an inventory management module that allows you to monitor your products and consumables at a glance, while managing quantities, validity dates and other information related to supply.  

A complete equipment monitoring system (maintenance, calibrations, etc.) is also available.  

Screenshot Laby 2

Production management (recipes and batches) – New in 2023 

With Laby, design your recipes and prepare your batches easily thanks to the new production module. This module integrates numerous features to improve your production processes:

  • Recipe design: lists of conditions, detailed preparation steps.
  • Complete batch production workflow: production planning and dashboard, optional batch validation process (GxP compliance), automatic calculation of quantities for each ingredient, batch packaging and inventory tracking.

A module which ensures a simple and fast management of your production and a complete traceability of your batches!

Laby - Gestion de la production

Time sheets

This module allows you to enter the time spent by user, with a precise and detailed follow-up of the activities by project. It also allows you to easily manage the distribution of time allocated by your employees, and then to export all this information to Excel. A simple and efficient HR tool, useful for demanding Research Tax Credit or any other need to monitor human resources.

Timesheet - Laby

Bibliographic Management 

Laby includes a collaborative bibliographic management module to easily collect, organise and link scientific publications to your laboratory’s R&D work. It allows you to easily import and organise your publications by automatically retrieving DOIs and metadata. Sharing and search tools guarantee simplified access to scientific data between researchers who can attach useful documentation for each project. You also have the possibility to customise your library by creating tags, collections by projects and/or customisable themes. 

Document management

Laby integrates a document management module that ensures the centralisation, validation and consultation of documentary resources. 

Whether it is for quality monitoring or making strategic data available, Laby guarantees the proper governance of your documentation to support innovation! 

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