Improve your lab data management with FindMolecule

From inventory management to your experiment workflows, FindMolecule is the ideal tool to help you in the digitalization of your lab activities. Record your experiments, manage your databases and inventories, countersign your discoveries in accordance with current standards.

The versatility of FindMolecule makes it suitable for chemists and biologists. In addition, custom feature development is possible. FindMolecule can be installed in SaaS mode (hosted in the cloud) or on a local server.

5 good reasons to use this software

  1. An inventory management system
  2. Adapted for both chemists and biologists
  3. Secure cloud storage in France or in the USA
  4. Compliant with regulatory standards
  5. Increased and sustainable collaboration
We have been using FindMolecule as a lab notebook and inventory for several years. Compared to other software we have used, this one exceeded our expectations. It is a quality program, reliable and easy to use. I recommend it to everyone.
Megan Bertrand-Laperle
Senior Research Associate – Paraza Pharma Inc.

Why choose FindMolecule?

The digitalization of activities within laboratories involves many issues : user ownership, accessibility and sustainability of research work, security and data protection.

FindMolecule is quick to deploy, and getting started is immediate. The platform integrates an access rights system to structure your collaboration and share your work. Accessible locally, or via the cloud and hosted by Amazon or OVH, in Europe or in the USA, FindMolecule guarantees the security and protection of your data.

It is possible to add specific features to your business. That’s why we offer a complete support, from testing to deployment, in order to put our experience at your service and guarantee the proper integration of the solution in your laboratories.

Presentation of FindMolecule, laboratory data management software.


Inventory management and inventory

FindMolecule integrates inventory management to track the life cycle of your products and equipment. From chemicals to analytical devices to DNA fragments, you can manage your entire inventory and conduct inventories.

Simple deployment

Available in SaaS mode, you can deploy FindMolecule in a few minutes.  It is also possible to import your existing databases (Microsoft Excel or other software).

A flexible structure

A group system allows you to separate multiple databases, so you can manage them independently of each other, and assign their own characteristics

Order tracking

A database is available for ordering new material. All orders are gathered to facilitate vendor, inventory and order management.

Bar code management

A barcode system is available for tracking your inventory on a daily basis. A multi-scan mode has been integrated for one-time inventories to manage a large number of items in one step.

Experience management

An experiment and results management module is available in FindMolecule to record all of your research work, both in chemistry and biology. You can include your reactions, protocols, analyses, images, bibliographic references and other attachments.

Enhanced collaboration

A system of projects and access rights can be set up to structure your research in a project mode, guaranteeing you the desired levels of confidentiality. Your work can be shared, and your products & equipment centralized in your databases.

Secure data

Your data is TLS 1.2 encrypted, and can be hosted in France or the USA, at AWS (Amazon) or on the OVH Cloud.

The software meets the highest standards :

–    SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3


–    PCI DSS Level 1

–    ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

A back up of your data is performed every 24H, and you can retrieve it whenever you want.

The software includes an electronic signature, CFR Part. 11 compliant.

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