FDL tackles deep space exploration with Intel

FDL tackles deep space exploration with Intel

Frontier Development Lab (FDL) uses Intel® AI technologies, powered by oneAPI tools, to help solve the challenges of deep space exploration.

The Frontier Development Lab program is a public private partnership between NASA, the SETI Institute, Trillium Technologies, and other U.S. and international partners who are market leaders in AI, space exploration, and earth science.

Their teams, based in Mountain View, California, are working on major projects that aim to push the frontiers of space research and develop new tools to solve many of humanity’s greatest challenges such as:

  1. Predicting and understanding asteroids and comets,
  2. Explore the moon,
  3. Provide maps for future explorations,
  4. Understanding the impact of space radiation on astronauts …

These projects rely on processing complex spatial data using sophisticated AI that can take months to  train. To gain time and efficiency, FDL teams rely on Intel® AI technologies, optimized by oneAPI tools and Xeon CPUs.

End to End Machine Learning Pipeline

« Our partnership with Intel AI gives us access not only to the cutting-edge hardware and software tools, but also the technical expertise on a broad range of topics, including algorithm selection, data  optimization, research direction and effective ways of applying the technology. »

James Parr, Director, Frontier Development Lab


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