Active since 1989

Created in 1989, RITME was initially a software distributor in a niche market.

Back in those days the Internet had not been deployed yet, and the purchase of scientific software could be made through printed catalog only, which our oldest customers still remember. With the rise of the web, our catalog turned digital and hard copies gradually migrated to online solutions too, accessible in SaaS mode as subscriptions.

It is with the greatest commitment and renewed passion that we have gone with the tide of these changes, gradually refining our offer to meet the expectations of scientists and research organizations.  

1995 : launch of the Training Center

In 1995, RITME also became a certified training Center. In order to answer a growing number of requests for expert training, we have developed a wide range of courses covering all aspects of a researcher’s needs:

Software training courses, commercial or Open Source,

Trainings in the field of Scientific writing and communication

Training in Statistics and Applied statistics

Field Application Training

Lately digital transformation has disrupted every single industry and area and Research is not exempt. With the digitization of processes and the huge amount of data who is growing exponentially, Data security and Data Integrity are key concerns and growing challenges that must be identified and supported.

We have developed guidance with strong business skills and organization around the following topics dentified as crucial for your laboratories and research teams accordingly and as follows;

  • Data Management and collaboration
  • Data Analysis and processing  
  • Data Value creation
  • Quality and Data Security
  • Publishing and communication. 

What about tomorrow?  

Tomorrow, we will still be on a relentless watch tand on your side to build integrated, robust and adaptive solutions, capable of securing your research and acting as a real springboard.