The art of tailor made courses

Supporting step after step

Data has become all-powerful, and many software solutions promise to explore and tame it.

We have our ways in the researcher’s playground long enough to see that tools are not enough to perform good work : knowledge is key and state-of-the art knowledge is rare.

At Ritme, we know that every research project is unique. The skills, knowledge and state of mind researchers, analysts, PHDs or students must develop depend on a large number of variables.

The starting point is your specificity, the end: an out-of-the-box solution. Let’s take a look at our methodology.

1 Identifying needs

We identify new training needs thanks to:

  • directly from field observation (monitoring)
  • when emerging amongst our customers
  • when you reach for us directly with a specific demand.

2 Interviewing

This is the central piece of our methodology: assessing the skills and needs of the participants as well as the goals of the training. The interview takes place between your services ( Key user, Training Manager, HR Director…) and one of our trainers.

Further assessment of each participant can be discussed if appropriate (questionnaires, tests, skills assessments, individual interviews).

3 Defining the technical and pedagogical framework

  • Short courses (public attendance), on-site training, coaching, consulting
  • From short courses to extensive training programmes
  • In your premises, in our training center in Paris or Brussels, in facilities adapted to your specific needs or remotely thanks to our various videoconference tools
  • Several languages possible
  • Financial options: company sponsoring, public funding ..

Support made easy with our dedicated training platform:

We offer access to our digital training platform (LMS) where you will find all the material and resources dedicated to your training : questionnaires, assesments and evaluation tests, teaching materials, practical information, links to virtual classrooms, exchanges with trainers and other attendees thanks to the forum.

People with Disabilities

We are in contact with Agefiph in order to make our teams and partners aware of a global approach to disability and to work towards greater inclusiveness.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your specific needs, whether they are related to mobility, sensory or cognitive deficits. We may not have the solution for you right away, but we will do our best to set up a suitable solution.

4 Sessions

Programs are built and validated together: objectives, prerequisites, level, sequence, course, pedagogical and technical means, duration.

We validate the financial aspects together.

We appoint a dedicated training assistant who takes care of all the administrative and organizational aspects. She works as the interface between all stakeholders and makes sure that everything is done to facilitate the trainees’ experience.

5 Assessment

Our trainings are pragmatic : practical exercises, role-playing, real-time manipulations and data handling are part of the process. We implement a summative evaluation, which aims to assess whether the knowledge has been well acquired or not at the end of the training sessions.

We can go further by designing specific assessment modules (tests, homework to be submitted…) upstream and downstream.

6 Follow-up

We make sure that your experience has been in line with your expectations by providing satisfaction questionnaires, and debriefing with you that the objectives defined upstream have been met. Should it not be the case, we will analyze why and discuss alternative solutions to correct and come to complete satisfaction.

Our mission

We assist you in developing new skills, sharpening your knowledge and updating your practices to excel in research.

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