First steps with R

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  • Discover the R language and software and learn the first basics of this language


  • Have a basic understanding of statistics.

Learning and technical resources:

  • Lecture followed by practical exercises with situational setting. Educational materials and exercises provided in digital format


  • Pre-training questionnaire
  • evaluation questionnaire

Results & skills expected at the end of the training:

  • At the end of the training course trainees will be able to format their data and produce basic statistical analyses using the R language.


R1: First steps in R

  • Introduction
  • Entering a command in the console
  • Writing a clean, structured and commented script
  • Create, modify, view and delete an object
  • Manipulating different data types and data structures
  • The R objects: vectors, factors, arrays, lists, data frames, functions

R2: Import, control and export data arrays

  • View and edit working directory
  • Import data contained in a .csv file
  • Check the types of its variables and modify them if needed
  • Categorical variables: factors
  • Controlling for missing data
  • Exporting a data table to a .csv file

R3: Numerical valuation of data

  • Manipulating your dataset (selecting variables, rows …)
  • Numerical valuation: getting to know the dataset, summarizing and quantifying the information
  • Descriptive statistics, counts, pivot tables
  • Data aggregation (statistics by group of observations)

R4: Graphical valuation of data

  • Creating basic graphs: histogram, scatterplot, box plot, bar chart, pie chart
  • Changing the various basic chart options (color, title, point and line type, size, …)
  • Add elements to a chart (points, lines, segments, legends, …)
  • Save a graph
14 hours
Anyone wishing to format data and produce statistical analyses with the R language.
8 people maximum


Salima Bouayad Agha
Salima hold a PHD in economics from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and spares no efforts when it comes to passing on knowledge and know-how. She is genuinely devoted to Educational purposes.
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