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Publication Software

Solutions for a wide range of scientific paper and patent publishing needs, from bibliographic management to searching and purchasing existing corpora to shared writing:

A comprehensive suite of knowledge management software that optimises the cognitive capital of research by illuminating, preserving and organising information. The software automates the process from creation to storage to collaboration, increasing researchers’ efficiency in building their publications. Their use can be focused on creating new knowledge for innovation, providing users with an intuitive and easy experience for annotating, referencing and commenting on literature, while providing an infrastructure for compiling, analysing and sharing databases.


Citavi is a database software specifically developed to manage bibliographic information simply and efficiently in a collaborative way.
You can import your PDFs, your web pages, add your references, all with a simple click. You can organize, structure, sort your references, and then find them easily in your database. You can also annotate, comment on your documents, extract images, tables, figures of interest, and then cite them and your sources when writing your documents.

Article Galaxy

Article Galaxy is an online search platform for scientific, technical or medical publications, which guarantees you a flexible, easy-to-use and efficient scientific document delivery solution. The cost of acquiring full-text document copyrights is well optimized with a redundancy check of the desired documents from publications already subscribed, acquired or accessible for free (Open Access) or even on rent.


MathType is a powerful plugin for Windows and Mac that comes on top of your word processor, such as Microsoft Word®, to edit your scientific formulas, even the most complex ones.
MathType allows you to create mathematical expressions in your word processor but also to integrate them into Web pages (via MathML in particular), presentations…