Our expertise in laboratory digitalization

The digital revolution has not spared the research world, and this is especially true for research laboratories   and industries focused on chemistrybiologyhealthcare and life sciences.  

The modernization of tools (software, instruments), the exponential development of exploitable data, the constraints of standardization and regulation are pushing teams to rethink the way they operate. 

When we talk about digital transformation, we are talking about a process so profound that it transforms  the very identity of laboratories.  

Where digital inflects existing structures, it is not just the computer and technical tools that are impacted, but all aspects of the organization and functioning of researchers.  

We observe the following developments:

At the software level

  • A significant shift from perpetual licenses to subscription-based licensing modes,
  • The migration of local data storage to cloud storage,
  • The emergence of applications that are independent of traditional information systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,
  • The need for interconnection and increasing interoperability of tools,
  • Increasingly complex issues around data management.

In terms of use

  • The growing need to share tools, resources and results,
  • The need for accessibility, user-friendliness, exhaustiveness and immediacy,
  • A compression of the “long research time” under the pressure of productivity and competition,
  • Knowledge and know-how to be updated.

At the organizational level

  • An IT, logistics and HR organization turned upside down by process changes,
  • Increased interdependence of internal departments and players (researchers, suppliers, subcontractors),
  • The specialization of players in the value chain (R&D, production, start-ups, etc.).

We are convinced that digital transition and collaborative innovation are intimately linked, which is what we have been working on over the past few years in order to raise our users’ awareness of the issues that affect their businesses.

Ritme has developed for 3 years a pole of expertise around the digital transformation of laboratories, with business experts, trainers and consultants in organization and process management. While relentlessly monitoring the technological innovations and organizational changes, we remain, still, eminently pragmatic by implementing solutions and calling methods that have been tested, approved and remain highly flexible to adjust to customer’s needs.

You will find here the issues that we have identified as strategic, and on which we propose solutions to support your transition.  

Data management and collaboration

From electronic lab notebooks to product and equipment management, the digital revolution has led to the emergence of many innovative solutions for managing your lab data.


Analysis and data processing

Today’s technology offers much less vulnerable solutions that guarantee speed and power of processing, accuracy, reproducibility and reliability of results, richness and relevance of explorations.


Valuing the data

The exponential generation of data leads to many issues: how to collect and manage this data?

And most importantly, how to get value out of them?


Quality and safety

Creation and management of safety data sheets, implementation of quality policy or software validation (QI, QO,…), our team accompanies you towards the respect of the standards in force. 


Publishing and communication

Solutions for managing document resources, molecular drawing tool, but also training around scientific writing and communication.


When we talk about digital transformation, we are talking about a process so profound that it transforms the very identity of laboratories and affects their tools, usages and organization.