Intel oneAPI revolutionizes AI education

Intel oneAPI revolutionizes AI education

The University of Maribor is pushing the boundaries of technology by using AI algorithms inspired by biological natural selection. It is supported by the Intel® Academic Program for oneAPI to equip students with the skills to tackle the greatest technological challenges of the modern world.

The rapid pace of technological advancements places universities under constant pressure to swiftly train students in the latest programming tools. At the University of Maribor in Slovenia, professors and students are being prepared to meet the challenges of the future in programming and artificial intelligence through the utilization of the Intel Academic Program for oneAPI.

This revolutionary approach integrates AI algorithms inspired by biological natural selection into students’ learning. This cutting-edge research is not limited to theory; it is integrated into teaching, enabling students to acquire practical expertise in the field.

Intel oneAPI offers a comprehensive programming environment for heterogenous systems, enabling students to achieve exceptional performance on CPUs, GPUs and accelerators. Additionally, with ready-to-use course materials, instructional videos, and access to the “Maister” supercomputer, resources abound to facilitate learning.

This innovative approach opens up new horizons for teaching AI and programming, training students and preparing them for tomorrow’s discoveries.

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