Towards Exascale and Zettascale systems

Towards Exascale and Zettascale systems

By leveraging Intel oneAPI tools, the University of Cambridge is building the next generation of exascale and zettascale class computers to democratize high-performance computing.

The Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab (COZL) was founded in 2020 as a research and education center. Its mission is to explore, test and advance the next generation of high-performance computers. This is a significant challenge as the world’s leading scientists and engineers rely on the computing power of supercomputers to tackle some of the world’s most pressing research challenges.

While exascale and zettascale systems promise to solve many problems in the future, their complexity and power consumption pose a significant technical challenge, hindering programming and consequently, their use. The COZL was specifically set up to define those pain points and to address them, using commoditized open standard solutions and open-source software.

COZL teams rely on the latest Intel oneAPI technologies to democratize exascale and zettascale systems by the end of the decade, bringing us closer to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.

« oneAPI is new programming environment made by Intel focused on portability and scalability of codes on large-scale supercomputers, which makes access in this class of system much easier, providing on-demand cloud-like access to incredibly complicated supercomputers. »

Paul Calleja, Director of Research Computing, University of Cambridge

Exascale & Zettascale Computing

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