The digital transformation of energy players

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation. From oil to renewable energy, major research and discoveries are constantly growing. From intelligence to R&D activities, scientists have many digital tools at their disposal to be more productive. 

The needs in terms of digital tools and training involve aspects such as publishing :

  • Developing bibliographic research
  • Writing scientific articles and publishing them 
  • Scientific communication as a whole
  • Speaking and interacting with the media 

The data analysis and visualization solutions are diverse and specific to each research activity. Physicists, chemists or biologists, our experts advise you on the appropriate tools. 

  • Data visualization 
  • Automation of measurement and test data analysis 
  • Peak analysis 

For statistics or any other activity requiring development, discover our offer dedicated to the professions of engineering.

  • Code development solutions for C, C++, Fortran… 

Related needs such as research around optics are also covered: 

  • Optics solutions for lighting design 

Finally, in a transversal way, for all research activities, the project management most of the time requires to benefit from monitoring and organization tools, to be able to optimize its time and energy.  

  • Agile management of scientific projects 
  • Cross-functional management 

I learned more from this training than I expected. The trainer introduced us to elements and functions of the software that we hadn’t even thought of! Nothing but positive things.

Justine Benghozi-Bouvrande
Origin Training