The digital transformation of the electronics industry

Open source tools, C++, Fortran, Big Data, HPC Optimization.  

Do these terms speak to you? They should! Electronics plays a central role in the industrial sector and the scientific field at large.  

But electronics is nothing without sharp steering. 

The optimization of production processes and data analysis is based on powerful tools, but also on qualitative processes benefiting from a software part at the cutting edge of technology. 

  • The realization of experimental designs 
  • The optimization of quality and manufacturing processes 

The fast and relevant processing of its data, as well as its analysis, and has become essential for the successful completion of a research project or the optimization of a production line. 

  • Data visualization 
  • Automation of measurement and test data analysis 
  • Peak analysis 

Finally, software development and the engineering professions require relying on a suitable and efficient infrastructure and development tools.

  • C, C++, Fortran code development solutions… 

These recipes perfectly match the images i need to analyze …. MIPAR has definitely made my life easier.

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