The digital transformation of academic players

Learning is the first step in a qualitative and sustainable research process. Analysis and publication are major issues in understanding and communicating objectively about tomorrow’s discoveries. 

The needs in terms of digital tools and training concern aspects such as publication :

  • The development of bibliographies
  • Scientific article writing and publication 
  • Scientific communication as a whole
  • Speaking and interaction with the media 

Or the quantitative analysis

  • Economic modeling 
  • Time series use and forecasting 
  • Econometrics 
  • Statistical methods taken as a whole

As well as qualitative analysis :

  • Unstructured and qualitative data analysis. 
  • Automated interview transcription 
We very much appreciate RITME… they guide us to properly choose the solutions and professional answers to the problems submitted by our researchers.
Our contacts at RITME have a main quality:  to bringing us answers.

Laurent Benvenuti
IT Manager – Toulouse School of Economics