The digital transformation of chemical industry players

The chemical industries are particularly affected by the digitalization of research activities and its consequences. At the heart of experiments and analyses, data management tools have become necessary for the proper functioning of a laboratory.  

  • The implementation of electronic laboratory notebooks and migration of existing 
  • Good practices in data management and sharing  
  • The management of inventory and stock in a laboratory 
  • The quality & the safety of your data 
  • Safety data sheet editing  
  • The GHS and CLP   
  • The deployment of a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System
  • The use of digital solutions for molecular design, for computational chemistry and molecular modeling 
  • The use of data visualization tools  
  • The automation of measurement and test data analysis 
  • Peak analysis 

The issues of watchand publication, or data processing are also subject to significant innovation, which must be incorporated into these activities to remain competitive. 

  • Bibliographic purchasing and management 
  • Scientific article writing and publication 
  • Scientific communication 
  • Speaking and media 
  • Scientific monitoring and technology in an innovative project 

As a result of R&D work, the optimization of manufacturing processes and methods is a major issue, at the heart of engineers concerns. From statistical methods to quality process improvement, innovative tools are to be discovered through our offer. 

  • Implementation of experimental designs 
  • Optimization of quality and manufacturing processes 
  • Use of digital tools for regulation, qualification and validation 

A great training, very technical and allowing the completion of one of my new professional goals. The trainer was very interesting and clear in his explanations.

Charlotte Morin
Inventec Performance Chemicals (Dehon) | R&D Soldering
Training for writing scientific articles