Crossed views : A strategic alliance at the service of laboratories 

Crossed views : A strategic alliance at the service of laboratories 

For more than 30 years, RITME has been a strategic partner of research teams by providing specific solutions to the specific needs of researchers and scientists. In its constant search for innovative solutions to respond to the new challenges and uses of laboratories linked to digitalisation, RITME is pleased to announce its partnership with KYLI, the French publisher of the Laby solution. This is a new generation laboratory data management solution designed since 2015 by a team of scientists.  

On this occasion, the respective CEOs of RITME and KYLI come back on this promising partnership, at the service of innovation and R&D: 

Thierry Berton

Thierry BERTON

CEO of RITME Scientific Solutions

The research sector is going through an exciting period. From the emergence of new biotechnologies to the latest energy advances, R&D and innovation are now a top priority. This dynamic generates an exponential growth of data, opening the way to new Data Science challenges : management, exploitation and valorisation of data.

Data management and workflow software have become keystones in the organisation of laboratories, with the emergence of flexible, highly scalable solutions that are integrated into the IT ecosystem. This transformation is accelerating the replacement of LIMS, ELN or LES technologies in favor of new, more agile electronic laboratory notebooks, enriched with specific functionalities and capable of connecting easily to instruments, databases and other applications. This is the case of the Laby solution, which we discovered at the Forum Labo in 2021 and which received the innovation award on that occasion. 

Convinced by Laby’s potential, we decided to initiate this partnership to offer our clients this innovative solution, which is perfectly suited to their new roadmap. Our teams can now rely on this agile and customisable solution to help our clients better manage all their information flows: monitoring R&D projects, supervising stocks and equipment, and managing documents and bibliographies. This customised support, from the expression of needs through integration to user training, creates value for our customers and strongly boosts their capacity to innovate. With its variety of features, its innovative approach and its simplicity, Laby is ideal for building your laboratory of the future! 


Benjamin JACQUOT

President and Co-Founder of KYLI

I met the RITME team more than 10 years ago. At the time, I was working for an R&D company and I called on their services to identify and deploy scientific software. I really appreciated their expertise and efficiency. It was therefore a real pleasure to meet Thierry at the Labo Forum and to note his interest in our Laby solution. 

From our very first discussions, we felt that there were synergies in developing a long-term partnership between our two companies: our common mission to serve R&D structures, our vision of the laboratories’ evolution and our commitment to supporting research and development through digital technology.   

Today more than ever, organisations need solutions that can simplify teamwork and ensure the integrity and value of laboratory data. The goal is to both accelerate the time to market for innovations and enable the launch of new projects based on information already capitalised.  

With our team of scientific and IT experts, we have been developing the Laby software for more than 5 years around the concept of FAIR data: easy to Find, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.  

Unlike the solutions available on the market, which are often too rigid or specific to a single field of activity, Laby can adapt to the needs of multidisciplinary structures, allowing them to work in perfect collaboration.  

Our goal is to offer a solution that provides a 360° vision of a research and development project: experiments, stocks, equipment, methods, bibliographic references, digital signatures, etc. It also allows to create interconnections with instruments and applications within the laboratory to save time and reduce human errors.  

With the support of our partner RITME, our wish is to extend the use of the LABY solution in Europe to accelerate innovation and face the current and future challenges in health, environment, food… to drive research ever further! 

Laby, the “new generation” laboratory data management solution



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