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The DecisionTools Suite, das komplette Risiko- und Entscheidungsanalyse-Toolkit.

Die DecisionTools Suite ist ein integrierter Satz von Programmen zur Risikoanalyse und Entscheidungsfindung, die mit Microsoft Excel® verbunden sind.

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  • gute Gründe, dieses Produkt zu verwenden

  1. - Monte Carlo: Risikoanalyse und Entscheidung trotz Unsicherheit
  2. - Nahtlose Integration in Microsoft Excel
  3. - Verfügbar in 8 Sprachen
  4. - Angepasst an jeden Sektor, von der Finanzierung bis zur Produktion.
  5. - Bundle-Preis: bis zu 50% sparen


The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of 8 programs for risk analysis and decision making interfaced with Microsoft Excel®. It exists in two versions, Professionals and Industrial, and contains the following software:

Monte Carlo simulations

@Risk @Risk Professional
or Industrial

Mind mapping and data mining

Big PictureBig Picture

Identifying the key factors of your models


Predictive neural networks


Developing decision trees

Precision ToolsPrecision Tree

Statistical analysis and prediction tools


Optimization (only in the Industrial edition)

EvolverEvolver and RISKOptimizerRISKOptimizer

All compatible with each other, these programs are perfectly integrated to Microsoft Excel, with simplicity and flexibility.

Why use all these software together?

Each component of the DecisionTools Suite performs powerful analysis. When you combine products, you can achieve more complete results than any single program can provide.

@RiskTopRank@Risk and TopRank

The scope of a @RISK analysis can be narrowed down to key factors through TopRank. Especially with large models, this saves time and improves accuracy of your @RISK analysis.

@RiskPrecision Tools@RISK and PrecisionTree

@RISK can be combined with PrecisionTree to represent chance events in decision tree models. This enhances the accuracy of decision tree models by considering wider ranges of values for chance events.

@RiskStatTools@RISK and StatTools

The results of @RISK can be restated with StatTools to assess confidence intervals. In turn, @RISK can be applied to results from a StatTools time-series forecast to simulate possible outcomes with more precision.


The Decision Tools Suite 7 - Version d'essai

Die neuen Funktionen

Version  7

Big PictureBigPicture is the latest addition to the suite, and complements it with mind maps, organizational charts and data exploring. For a visual approach to the decision-making process.


In RISKOptimizer :

  • Efficient frontier analysis to determine the optimal expected return of a portfolio at a given level of risk.
  • New sophisticated methods of correlation of uncertain @RISK variables.
  • Share @RISK templates and graphs using thumbnails attached to cells.
  • New data viewer open to display all data, not just simulation results.
  • New custom reports feature.

PrecisionTreeIn PrecisionTree: Export quantitative decision tree models directly from BigPicture, in the form of visual maps that can be displayed, printed and shared with any Excel user.

StatToolsNeuralToolsIn StatTools and NeuralTools :

  • Data viewing also included
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Categorical bar graphs
  • Kruskal-Wallis tests

EvolverIn Evolver : Efficient frontier analysis is included in Evolver Industrial.




Operating system :

  • Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8 or more
  • The DecisionTools Suite is not working natively on Mac, though you can use a Windows environment (from WIndows XP to Windows 7) on Mac: using BootCamp or a virtualization machine such as Parallels, VirtualBox or VMware.

Compatibility with Office applications :

  • Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013.
  • Non-Microsoft spreadsheets are not supported. 

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