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The New NVivo, die leistungsfähigste Software für die qualitative Analyse

NVivo ist die qualitative Datenanalyse-Software, die Ihnen Arbeits- und Studienräume bietet, in denen Sie Ihre unstrukturierten und qualitativen Daten organisieren, visualisieren und analysieren können.
NVivo verwaltet mehrere Datenquellen und -formate wie Interviews, Umfrageergebnisse, Bilder, Audio- oder Videointerviews, Zeitungsartikel, Webseiteninhalte und soziale Netzwerke.
Mit NVivo können Sie Ihre Inhaltsanalyse (Codierung, Abfrage, Visualisierung) vertiefen und Verbindungen zwischen Ihren verschiedenen Quellen (Unterschiede, Ähnlichkeiten, Verbindungen) identifizieren.

  • 5
  • gute Gründe, dieses Produkt zu verwenden

  1. - Referenz für unstrukturierte und qualitative Datenanalyse
  2. - Mehrere Quell- und Datenformate im selben Projekt
  3. - Kodierung, Abfrage und Visualisierung
  4. - Identifizieren Sie Verbindungen in Ihren Quellen.
  5. - Automatische Klassifizierung

Why choose NVIVO?

  • Organize and classify your data quickly
  • More time to analyze data and make discoveries.
  • Discover subtle connections, impossible with manual processing
  • Explore more deeply, add your opinions and ideas to the analysis
  • Justify your discoveries more rigorously
  • Link your discoveries to the initial data
  • Easily exchange data with applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, IBM SPSS Statistics, Survey Monkey, EndNote and Evernote
  • Easily share your work


The new NVIVO

It’s Easy to Get Started with NVivo 

  • When you open NVivo, a quick tour gets you up to speed right away.  Get started straight after the tour, and follow cues that support you to ‘import’, ‘organize’ and ‘explore’ your data with ease. 

The Most Intuitive QDA Experience

Discover the most intuitive NVivo yet: 

  • The navigation panel groups key tasks under ‘import’, ‘analyze’ and ‘explore’ to help guide you through your research process.
  • The ribbon is designed so you can easily and quickly find the features you need.
  • Create the thinking space you need by undocking the workspace to enlarge the screen you’re working on
  • Explore your data using high quality charts and mapping tools, ideal for exporting and using in presentations. 
  • Phrasing and terminology in the software aligns with contemporary research terms and trends.


Code Faster Than Ever

You told us coding is one of the most powerful features of NVivo, and now we’ve made it even more effective and efficient for you. 

  • The most efficient coding: When working with text documents you can easily see all your codes, and conveniently drag and drop text to them in one view.
  • Superior readability with flexible coding stripes: view coding stripes horizontally, so they’re easier to read.
  • Track coding with ease: simply click on a coding stripe to view what you have coded. The color of the text highlighted matches the color of the coding stripe, for easy reading when viewing coding stripes.

Import Common Data In A Few Clicks

Use Word or Excel to collect data, then in a few clicks, seamlessly send data to NVivo and immediately start your analysis. 

The NVivo-Office integration allows you to add tags to note key points or themes within each document, along with a description, to organize and prepare your files for easy searching within NVivo.  This time-saving functionality allows you to easily collect data on your preferred device, and import it in a few clicks so you can immediately start your analysis.

If you use the new NVivo on Microsoft Windows, you can also take advantage of instant imports from Microsoft Outlook to easily analyze data within emails.

Collaboration Made Easy

NVivo Collaboration Cloud enables team members to share projects, no matter where in the world they may be working. 

  • Simple user management: Easily manage user permissions based on the roles of each team member.
  • Collaborate through a familiar download/upload process: Download a project to begin work and make changes. Upon saving, upload into the Collaboration Workspace for the Workspace Manager to merge your contributions to the master project.
  • Work offline as required: Download your project to your computer or laptop, allowing you to work offline or back up your data. Your master project is saved in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

Work Smarter With NVivo

Enhance your research by adding on features, modules and learning journeys, as and when you need them.

To further your analysis, NVivo supports mobility and collaboration through cloud-based subscriptions and modules, offering flexibility and options to fit your needs.  

Sophisticated User Management With Collaboration Server

Collaboration Server (formerly NVivo for Teams) features streamlined navigation in the administration portal, allowing you to securely and effortlessly manage team’s roles and permissions.



Discover the NVivo suite

NVivo provides a new degree of flexibility and efficiency in qualitative analysis:


NVivo for Windows Plus NVivo Plus :  in addition to Pro features, the unique automatic synthesis feature, automatically coding the analysis program, brings out simply and quickly the themes and nuances of your raw data (e.g. studies). Automatic synthesis of NVivo 11 Plus, the perfect edition for neophytes, analysts running short of time, but also experts wishing to challenge their own development with automatic coding. For those experienced with NVivo and large volumes of data manipulation, it may be possible to save hundreds of hours of coding and enjoy substantial savings. The second unique feature of Plus, Analysis of Social Structures, allows an unprecedented analysis of social structures, as stated in the specifications (e.g. interviews) or through online social networks. The feature lets you quickly identify key concepts and roles in a social structure, highlighting the underlying qualitative and quantitative data supporting the findings.

NVivo for Mac

NVivo for Mac : work on content extracted from your PDFs, databases and media (visual, audio, video, web and social documents). Organize, explore and analyze your data using relevant queries and visualization methods to identify new meaning in your data.



Download the trial version of this product

New Nvivo - Démo



Operating system Processor Disk space

DVD-Rom CD-Rom

Internet access
Windows 8 or more 32/64-bits

1.2 GHz (32-bits)

1.4 GHz (64-bits)

2 GHz ou plus (recommanded)

5 GB

8 GB

2 GB

4 GB

yes (*) recommanded (**)
Windows 7 32/64-bits

5 GB

8 GB


2 GB

4 GB

yes (*) recommanded (**)

 (*) DVD-Rom not required for download installation.

(**) Internet access recommanded to use some features of the software.

Display information

  • 1,024 x 768 screen resolution (minimum)
  • 1,280 x 1,024 screen resolution (recommanded)
  • 1,440 x 900 screen resolution or more (recommanded for NVivo users using French version)

Available langages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese


Theses configurations are required for NVivo 10 Mac version:

Processor Disk space RAM DVD-Rom CD-Rom Internet access
Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor

2 GB (minimum)

4 GB (recommanded)

2 GB (minimum)

4 GB (recommanded)

no yes (*)
Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9

2 GB (minimum)

4 GB (recommanded)

2 GB (minimum)

4 GB (recommanded)


yes (*)

 (*) Internet access recommanded to use some features of the software and to activate it.

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