Who we are

The strategic partner of scientific research

Distributor and integrator of software solutions, RITME has been supporting its customers for more than 30 years in the digitization and valorization of research activities.   

Our company has equipped and trained thousands of researchers on scientific software in France, Switzerland, Italy and Benelux.  

Through a complete offer of tools and services dedicated to the collection, management and exploitation of data, we support scientists in their strategic developments.    We go as far as piloting digital transformation projects with the aim of involving all stakeholders: pre-sales, integration, deployment, training, skills transfer and change management are the hallmarks of our expertise.

More than 30 years of tailored support

RITME offers complete solutions with the permanent objective of perpetuating the deployed solutions. 
We bring you:  

  • understanding business needs and customer issues, 
  • the guarantee of a reliable sourcing and an adapted licensing,
  • on-site or cloud installation for server solutions,
  • long-term support (technical support, account management, personalized MyRitme platform).

If needed we complete with: 

  • Adaptation of pre-existing solutions to your needs through additional services (Proof of concept, specific application development, integration, project management),
  • Integration of new solutions in your environment (information system, processes, tools, organization),
  • Recovery of the existing system to ensure continuity in your daily life and a smooth transition to the chosen solution
  • the implementation of training, consulting and change management projects.

A trustful and privileged relationship with publishers

From the beginning, RITME has built strong partnerships with publishers, of which we are the official representatives on a large part of the European territory. This translates into:

  • Ability to reach directly key contacts (support, delivery, purchasing, etc.), for optimal responsiveness and efficiency,
  • Real-time information on product developments,
  • a significant weight in the feedback of customer needs,
  • interlocutors trained in software solutions.

Expert insights on new emerging solutions

We live in a world where the pace is increasing and the dynamics are becoming more complex.

RITME is constantly evolving its offer by detecting innovative solutions, and has developed over the last ten years a strong expertise in the digital transition of laboratories and scientific information management with solutions that meet the challenges of tomorrow:  

  • Saas solutions 
  • Collaboration oriented tools
  • Traceability and compliance with regulations and standards
  • Knowledge capitalization

These solutions guarantee compliance with RGPD regulations, data security, interoperability and the assurance of controlled integration with your information systems.