Securing bibliographic data

Webinar in French.

Thursday 6 May - 11:00

Purpose of the webinar

In a health context where telecommuting is becoming the norm, outsourcing bibliographic data is a real issue for private and public research organizations. The storage and security of these data become the central pivot of a fluid and accessible work process. 

Join our Webinar on securing bibliographic data and learn how to keep the scientific production value chain on a stable and secure infrastructure.


We will explore together:

  • How your bibliographic data can be a treasure trove for the competition if not locked away
  • How to make your data accessible while protecting its confidentiality and ensuring partitioned access for both your internal and external users
  • How to collaborate on your research projects via a simple and secure tool
  • The different types of storage and access offered as well as their specificities

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Maxime De Courville

Field Application Specialist