SigmaPlot v15

SigmaPlot V15, the data analysis and graphing software designed for researchers, scientists and engineers

SigmaPlot is a powerful scientific data analysis and visualisation software, allowing you to quickly create and customise your 2D and 3D technical graphs. Including an expert statistics module, it also has an enzyme kinetics analysis module.

As a historical reference in the scientific community, this tool is used throughout the world.

5 good reasons to use this product

  • Analyze your data with ease
  • Access over 100 types of 2D and 3D graphics
  • Customize every detail of your tables and charts
  • Publish your graphics wherever you want
  • Use SigmaPlot directly from Microsoft Excel

Why choose SigmaPlot?

SigmaPlot incorporates features to meet the different needs of researchers, both for analysis and for data representation. This tool offers the flexibility to create compelling graphs and advanced statistical analyses that you simply cannot do in a simple spreadsheet.

The choice of a wide range of figures

SigmaPlot offers over 100 types of 2D and 3D figures. From simple 2D scatter plots to complex contour lines, Sigmaplot has all the graphical representations you need for your research work.

Observe interactions in your 3D data with multiple 3D cross meshes, with possible removal of hidden rows..

Data analysis made easy

From basic statistics to advanced mathematical calculations, SigmaPlot gives you all the tools you need to analyze your data. With a single click, you can instantly generate statistics for your results, including 95% and 99% confidence intervals.

These tools allow you to easily perform a t-test or linear regression, analyze an ROC curve, fit your curves, plot a function and report your results in seconds. Also use the built-in transformations to work with your data and create a multitude of special figure types.

SigmaPlot also includes an enzyme kinetics module.

Easily and accurately adjusted data

To help you adjust your data, SigmaPlot has a Regression Wizard. It automatically sets the parameters, writes a complete statistical report, saves the equation and presents your results on an  existing or new figure.

The Regression Wizard allows you to fit almost any type of equation (piecewise continuous, multifunctional, weighted, Boolean, etc.) up to 10 variables and 25 parameters. You can also add your own equations to the Regression Wizard.

With Sigmaplot you can also analyze the dose effects and calculate the EC50 dose.

Microsoft Excel® compatible software

Access SigmaPlot directly from your Excel spreadsheet to analyze and exploit your data. Simply launch the SigmaPlot wizard from the Excel toolbar. And conversely, all your Excel tools are available in SigmaPlot: formulas, pivot tables, macros, date or time formats, etc. You can      analyze the data in your Excel table directly in SigmaPlot and generate advanced charts.

SigmaPlot is FDA certified and complies with CFR21 Part 11 Regression.

SigmaPlot est certifié par la FDA et respecte la règlementation CFR21 Part 11 Régression.

What’s new in SigmaPlot v15

New type of chart: the heat map

  • To visualize variations in the density of two categorical variables. This map, in the form of a rectangular array of solid colors, can be displayed in a table where the rows refer to the levels of one variable and the columns to another.
Carte de chaleur - SigmaPlot v15

Interface modifications for an improved user experience

  • New and refreshed ribbon manager: for an improved user experience and simplified navigation  with ribbons grouping functionalities according to the context.
Gestionnaire de ruban
  • New home button: this one makes it very easy to find the basic functionalities such as the Quick start, Create new notebooks, Open saved files, and workbook protection with password and audit trails…
Nouveau bouton d'accueil
  • New Macros Tab: SigmaPlot v15 now features a separate Macros tab for easy navigation and to allow users to quickly create their own macros. The tool has thirty built-in macros.
Nouvel onglet Macros
  • New Histograms group on Analysis tab: this tab has been rearranged for easier use and it includes a new Histograms group for better access to creating graphs with more advanced properties.
Nouveau groupe Histogrammes dans l'onglet Analyse
  • New Tools tab: provides simplified access to macros and applications that interface with SigmaPlot features to extend the program’s capabilities.
Nouvel onglet Outils

Analysis features

  • Results graphs: you now have the possibility to save your result graph data with statistical reports.
Graphiques de résultats
  • User-defined Transformation dialog: a new check box allows the dialog box  to keep running after the Run button is pressed. Helpful for testing the results of a transform after making a series of changes to the transform text.
Boîte de dialogue Transformation définie par l’utilisateur

New licensing system

  • New cloud based licence manager server for better activation and with 24/7 availability.
  • The licensing system has been upgraded to the latest version of Sentinel License Manager, compatible with the latest Microsoft Server 2022.

System requirements

Operating systemVersionProcessorRandom Access Memory (RAM)Hard diskCD-rom / DVD-romInternet access
Microsoft WindowsWindows 10 or higherIntel or AMD
32/64 bits
256 MB (min)150 MBYesYes
Starting from (excl tax)
Perpetual licence
699 €