With MathType, easily integrate the most complex equations into Microsoft Word®

MathType is a powerful plugin for Windows and Mac that comes on top of your word processing tool, such as Microsoft Word®, to edit your scientific formulas, even the most complex ones.
This software allows you to create mathematical expressions in your word processor but also to integrate them into web pages (via MathML in particular), presentations…

The completeness of the syntax is due to the intrinsic programming mechanisms, but MathType is at the same time compatible with more than 800 online applications and resources. Juggling with Mathcad, Mathematica, or Maple is a breeze.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • More than 1000 mathematical symbols
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Publication quality equations
  • Over 800 compatible applications and websites
  • Compatible with TeX and LaTeX documents

Why choose MathType?

With MathType, you get a simple-to-use tool that has three major intercompatibility strengths.

A tab accessible from the Microsoft Word tool ribbon

To insert an equation: the MathType tab in the Microsoft Word® ribbon allows you to easily insert equations, with or without equation numbers. No need to use the Insert Object dialog box.

MathType Commands : this tab displayed in Word® also provides quick access to commands for renumbering equations on the fly, inserting equation references, and converting a Word document into a web page.

Compatible with over 800 applications and websites

Wiris has an online database that lists over 800 applications and websites, 400 of which already work with MathType. If your favorite application or website is not listed, MathType will work using the software’s general techniques and programming mechanisms.

Compatible with Mathematica, Maple and Mathcad

Do you use any of these software for your research projects? Use MathType to share your math equations. Create your equations in MathType and then drag and drop or copy/paste directly into the target software using the MathML format.

From third-party software: copy/paste an equation from the software into MathType. Once in MathType, you can edit the equation and add it to your equation library or use it in a new document.

New features in MathType version 7

Support for Microsoft Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, Office 2021 and Office 365

MathType 7 works with:

  • Microsoft Office 2011 and later for Mac, including Office 365 and Word/PowerPoint 2019. (If you are using Office 365, please note that MathType only supports Word versions 15.41 and later.)
  • Office 2007 and later for Windows, including Office 365 and Word/PowerPoint 2019.
  • Office Web Apps, Office Mobile, and Office RT : MathType equations cannot be edited in these versions of Office. However, equations created in other versions of Office will be displayed and printed.

MathType 7 is compatible with both 32/64-bit versions of Office.

Enhanced compatibility with over 800 applications and websites

Connections, Desire2Learn, Stack Exchange, and more than 73 other applications and websites have joined Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Adobe InDesign, and hundreds of others that work with MathType!

MathPage now supports MatJax

MathPage™ technology now has the option to publish your Word documents as web pages with MathML equations displayed using MathJax technology.


MathType does not require too many resources to run. 35 MB of free hard disk space is enough for installation.

RAM requirements are minimal:

  • Mac : Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) to macOS Mojave (Version 10.14)
  • Microsoft Windows : Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1 (except Windows RT) and Windows 10. MathType will work on Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro tablets. MathType does not work on the Surface RT, Surface and Surface 2 tablets. If in doubt, check the version of Windows your tablet is running. If it is running Windows RT, you cannot use MathType. If it’s running Windows 10 or one of the other supported versions of Windows, MathType will work.
Starting from (excl tax)
39,95 € / year