Le Sphinx

With Le Sphinx software suite, conduct your surveys and studies with complete autonomy

Le Sphinx iQ2 Quali DATAVIV software suite is the benchmark for all your research projects, from data collection to results reporting.
It allows you to design expert and interactive questionnaires to mobilize respondents, disseminate surveys on all media (Web, Paper, Mobile, QR Code, SMS …), process and analyze your data whether quantitative or qualitative by combining different levels of analysis, from the simplest to the most elaborate and present results turned to decision support and communicate them in a global or personalized way.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • Reference software for survey creation and processing
  • Complete solution for all stages of the study
  • Powerful analysis functions
  • Interactive and dynamic surveys
  • Intuitive and accessible solution for data collection and analysis

We very much appreciate Ritme… they guide us to properly choose the solutions and professional answers to the problems submitted by our researchers.
Our contacts at Ritme have a main quality:  to bringing us answers.


Laurent Benvenuti
IT Manager – Toulouse School of Economics

Why choose The Sphinx?

The Sphinx Declic is the dedicated online survey web solution for fast and successful web surveys.

It integrates all survey functions: from questionnaire design to web/mobile collection and shared quantitative and qualitative analysis.

It’s the ideal, cost-effective solution for conducting one-time surveys.

The DATAVIV option is SphinX’s new tool for intelligent analysis and Data Vizualization.

It allows you to analyze and explore your quali and quanti research data.

This tool has been designed to provide scripted, visual, interactive and impactful renditions.


Survey & Analysis : Sphinx iQ 2

  • Advanced form building
  • Multichannel collection
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis: Sphinx Quali

  • Corpus import
  • Semantic analysis
  • Content analysis

Data visualization & reporting : DATAVIV’

  • Interactive reporting
  • Dynamic infographics
  • Scripting and online sharing

Online survey: Sphinx Declic

  • Survey design
  • Web/SMS collection
  • Shared analysis

Consumer Panel: Sphinx Community

  • Proprietary panel management
  • Member recruitment
  • Community facilitation

Here is a comparison chart of the different components in the Le Sphinx line.

Required configuration

Operating systemCPUDisk spaceRAMCD-rom / DVD-romInternet Access
Microsoft Windows 7 or higherIntel® Pentium® Dual Core Processor E6700 (minimum)150 MB
1 GB (minimum)
2 GB
Microsoft Windows XPIntel® Core™2 Duo E7500 (recommended)150 MB
52 MB (minimum)
1 GB
Starting from (excl tax)
Perpetual license
1081 €