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Inquiro, artificial intelligence at the service of your research

Inquiro is the intelligent search engine that allows scientists to quickly access and exploit relevant information, based on public and private dictionaries.

Inquiro is a web platform that connects to all your organization’s internal and external information sources, allowing your teams to centralize their research, but also to enrich and exploit their data.

5 good reasons to use this product

  • Access all your data of interest quickly and easily
  • Centralize all your knowledge
  • Save a lot of time searching for documents
  • Explore your data with innovative features
  • Ask your questions in natural language, the embedded artificial intelligence provides the answers and their context
Searches are very fast and very efficient. Now we are able to find information in 10 minutes compared to about 4 hours before Inquiro.

Users are impressed!
Documentation and Regulatory Manager
Pharmaceutical industry

Why choose Inquiro ?

Developed in collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company, Inquiro is an innovative and easy-to-use solution that allows you to leverage your knowledge.

With Inquiro, the intelligent search engine dedicated to R&D teams, save time in your information searches, explore and exploit your data, without changing your business processes.

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Acces your data quickly

The challenge of accessing relevant data is becoming increasingly important for R&D organizations. With the massification of data and the growing need to be able to access and compare data, breaking down silos has become a necessity for most laboratories.

Whether it is to meet regulatory requirements, find and contextualize discoveries, facilitate technology transfer, or conduct research before launching a project, a solution such as Inquiro has become a msut for laboratories.

Through the use of public or private ontologies, information searches are structured, rigorous and offer a powerful exploration capacity.

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Reveal the full potential of your data

The digitization of data has become the norm in recent years and offers tremendous opportunities for the valorization of knowledge in order to develop your R&D strategy.

The ability to identify key information in your organization, to analyze it and to compare or complete it with external data, helps you to enhance your information assets.

Inquiro offers a range of innovative tools for data exploration, through graphical visualizations to compare data from different perspectives or the use of dashboards to monitor the evolution of your data on your themes of interest.  

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Starting from (excl tax)
License for 10 users
7 000 €